Sunday, January 11, 2015


Have you ever noticed how contradictory the world is right now. Okay maybe not the world but what we can see of it, what we read, what we are told. This is from a personal to a global level. What will we choose to believe? Is what we believe in our DNA?

An example is a recent study that declared optimists live longer than pessimists... Okay, that kind of makes sense. Stress is not good for people's bodies. Earlier came another study that said worriers are more intelligent than those who don't worry. 

So... the smarter you are, the more you will know about what is going wrong. Be dumb and you can then live longer maybe? I mean an optimist is likely also someone who doesn't bother to stay too informed or limits the areas where they get informed. They also might be someone who has a very protected life and prefers to think everybody else does too-- or that those who don't deserve what they get.

Putting these two (maybe) facts together, the optimist will live longer than the pessimist which likely means the non-worrier lives longer than the worrier. Does that mean we are turning over the future of the world to those who are less intelligent? Likely not as there are always the rich to throw a ringer into any study. Is Rupert Murdock a worrier or a pessimist or does money just make you immune to such concerns?

The recent study that said the world was safer than ever clearly ignored some countries in their findings. One example would be that there are two nations deemed most likely to become failed states... Good news one is right on our border. Better news, the other has the nuclear bomb.

And then there is Venezuela. Because one of the writers, whose blog I sometimes read and whose life i know a bit about, lives there and talks about how life is for him, I knew things weren't good. Guess they are worse than not good with the good news to some of the world (low oil prices) being the bad news to Venezuela (who depended on oil for its income). The following story gives you an example of how that is working out right now

So, if you are an optimist, what do you make of that situation if you live there? Of course, the optimist would say I don't live there and I am on my way to a tropical vacation where such things don't happen because I live in a gated community, have hired security, and am part of the 1%. Being in the 1% might make it easier to be an optimist... Not knowing too much about what's going on in the world would also make it easier. That's where being less intelligent comes in. A half cup of selfishness would help too where you only see how something impacts you-- today.

Adding to the world's problem spots, there is this--

I don't need to put a link here about the terrorist attacks themselves. But realizing the attack was from one cell and that it was on both the satirists and Jews probably is an important fact to keep in mind regarding how optimistic to be right now.

The good news has been the Muslims who spoke out against these attacks... but there were also Muslims who justified them. Optimists maybe only read the one side? 

What I saw most recently is that the French knew about these men and the cell to which they belonged. They deemed it lower risk than others that they were also watching. Which makes you wonder who were the more dangerous groups and what are they up to? Optimists probably never have that concern.

Apparently the French have a law that will enable French President Hollande to move rapidly right now and go outside their Constitution. Except exactly how do you do that? Arrest people and put them in jail for how long when they have yet to murder anybody? Go after everybody in the Islamic community and make more enemies?

Yeah... being an optimist sounds good but I suspect the only way to do that right now is to stay ignorant. And not just of violence, of everything. The world is full of contradictory information and ignorance can seem tempting. I am not sure how it works out for the world long-term though.

I have one more thought. Has anyone done a study on where people with a sense of humor fit into these studies? Does seeing the funny side of life help to live longer or not so much? If I go by the comedians... Okay, not going there...


MandT said...

This is thought provoking! Well done.

Ingineer66 said...

Very good post. If Mexico fails that would be very bad for us.
For Venezuela, I thought it was a socialist paradise. Maybe Danny Glover and Sean Penn should charter some planes full of food to go down there.
France has tried appeasement and now they are finding out that it doesn't work. But no matter how they respond, somebody will be upset about it.

Rain Trueax said...

Thank you both.

Sean Penn is like so many wealthy or well-off Americans. They go somewhere, have it show them only the nice parts, and think they know something. Talk to someone who lives in Venezuela and is trying to have a decent life.

What was France trying to appease? They have a lot of Muslims, some from Algeria or other French former possessions. Like a lot of Europe, this is their immigration issue but how does that end up being called appeasement? I think many countries face the problem of not being able to arrest someone just because you think they might do something. France did a good job on getting the guys right away. They deserve some credit from the right wing at least for that. It seems a lot of Americans just have to ridicule them... The reason going back to Britain and France's wars???

Ingineer66 said...

I think they have done a good job since the attacks and will now join Britain and the U.S. in taking direct action, but for the last 15 years or so it seems they have gone out of their way to try not to offend Muslims or take a stand against violent extremists.

Rain Trueax said...

Well, the world is going to have to deal with this problem as it's worldwide. Just read a few stories coming out of Africa and you see the horror that is unleashed by turning our heads or thinking it won't touch us.

Rain Trueax said...

Another article worth reading on what happened in Paris-- Unanswered questions around the Charlie Hebdo killings.