Monday, December 01, 2014

finding truth in difficult areas

I have either a stomach virus or more likely food poisoning based on eating out as it came on me last night. I can think if a possible source. Either case, it's miserable. 

But I was skimming around the net especially for something relating to race relationships in this country. This article is worth looking at and taking the time to watch the video, which makes the case that it might not have been protesters or looters who set those fires the day after the grand jury came to its decision...

Before you say no way, just think about it. It's not as though we don't know there are those who would do such things. Watch the video and think about how doing it could have served some people's purposes. 

Figuring out any of these things is more complicated than just forming an instant opinion. It reminds me of the OJ Simpson trial where I thought he most likely murdered his ex-wife but also was framed by the police. One truth doesn't automatically make another not true. It takes thinking and sometimes time to sort things out-- if they can ever be.


Ingineer66 said...

Hope you are feeling better. On the first night of the riots, a CNN reporter was standing in front of a restarant that had been trashed. They said they had got to know the owner over the last few months and he was Black and coached youth sports and did much for the community. Now the community has thanked him by destroying his business.

Rain Trueax said...

Does he know that they did it? That link had video showing the auto parts store and the men in front of it were either militia or the cops. They were clearly white. Video tape doesn't lie. You could see the business and a cop vehicle with its lights blinking. All the businesses burned were on one street according to the article and it had been closed off to the protesters. It's not as though it couldn't have been those who wanted the blacks to look bad...

Another link I saw but didn't post was walking while black. It would be infuriating to be stopped because someone got suspicious of you walking just because you were black.

And the young man shot in the Walmart, again, video tape and how that cop got away with the shooting is beyond me. The young man had picked up a pellet gun while in the store and wandered around talking to his girlfriend on the cell. Someone reported him and the cops came in, raced toward him and shot him dead. They claimed they told him to put down the gun but the video I saw showed no time for him to react. Or the boy in the park again with a pellet gun. Would that all have ended the same if the youths had been a different color? In Ohio, you have a legal right to walk into that Walmart with a gun... just not if you are black apparently.

I've been looking at the statistics on who gets shot and it is almost always blacks. Now I am open to the possibility that sometimes they are the ones committing the crimes but in that ratio? I mean almost all mass shootings in this country, especially in schools but almost everywhere-- it's white guys.

And thanks yes, feeling better but it takes awhile to get over a bug like this-- whatever caused it.