Monday, November 10, 2014

Andrew Sullivan

These days, I have very few blogs I read of any sort. Politically I have even less. A few are listed alongside here but that doesn't mean I routinely go there. 

After the election, I decided to take out a subscription to one blog I used to read regularly but had kind of lost track of. The rate of $19.99 a year seemed reasonable, but it's not even so much about that as about wanting to back reasonable pundits with my dollars.

What I like about him is a common sense perspective where he doesn't just look to defend one political view. Yes, he has one, but it is not so much partisan as ideological in a practical sense. Because he sees things a lot as I do, naturally I tend to agree with him. He covers a wide variety of topics and I decided to put some money into his continuing success. 

Blogs that habitually rant, even from the left, aren't those I will be reading more than once every week or two or three. I don't need anger. I need information and enjoy a political discourse when it's about reality not some kind of fantasy wishful thinking.

Naturally I don't have much hope in the Republicans doing more than trying to end ACA, stop any immigration reform, impeach Obama, go to war around the world, pass personhood bills, and try for a constitutional amendment to block gay marriage in states that have allowed it. 

I hope I get a surprise by how they operate and that they do what my right wing friend thinks which relates to finance and making government more effective. From the times the repubs had the total control of Congress and Presidency, there is little reason to think it's what they will do. One can hope, and time will tell ;)


Ingineer66 said...

You have a right wing friend?

Rain Trueax said...

Several... all males though ;) but none are extreme righties. They just lean right as I lean left and even once in awhile we can agree ;)

Ingineer66 said...

I hope you know that was a joke.

Rain Trueax said...

Yes, I knew that since I consider you a friend

Ingineer66 said...

Just wanted to make sure. Sometimes I joke on blogs and people take me too seriously. I consider you a friend as well.