Friday, October 31, 2014

get out and vote-- whatever you believe but know the facts, not the spin

Because I always vote and this year was not expecting to be in Oregon when our mail out ballots arrived, this was an absentee ballot year. I consider voting a serious responsibility which no citizen should ignore. Why so many refuse to vote or avoid some elections only proves how far we have slipped as an educated populace. Some deliberately put out ads and news items to make Americans get disgusted. This is generally done by the wealthiest donors who are trying to protect their wealth; or in the case of some industries continue to pollute as they convince Americans, that the air they breathe and water they drink is not as important as the bottom-line for the big corporations that profit from loose standards. 

So from the looks of things, thanks to many not voting and others voting their religion's standards for laws, we will see a Republican Congress. Some of this happens because righties run on the argument that their personal beliefs won't impact their work in the Senate or as a governor. 

Oregon has a strong tea party candidate running for governor but he is not running on that. He's running on being a good organizer and someone who can bring jobs to Oregon. He can argue that since he has big money from out of state helping to fund his campaign. The ads argue that he won't be impacted by his personal beliefs all the time the governor's significant other problems are very significant. 

Then there was the good looking guy running in Colorado as though he was a middle of the road repub and would clean up Congress etc. etc. Except we find out he has spent 8 or 9 years trying to get personhood into Colorado's laws. Do people understand personhood, which Oregon's governor candidate also favors ends the birth control pill, the IUD or anything that allows implantation of the fertilized egg. From that moment the egg has all the rights of a grown adult. It also would end many fertilization plans that fertilize eggs that do not get implanted or cannot due to others there first. 

These 'stealth' candidates, which we have seen in many races for years, use deception to get in because their true views would make most voters turn against them. They wouldn't really try to end gay marriage because they are too moderate except they do when they get in. They also would go after Oregon (and now other states) death with dignity law which allows someone who is mentally sound with 6 months or less to live from a terminal illness, to take their own life with dignity-- not jumping in front of a train or using a gun.

Righties like to say they believe in freedom except they mean for the billionaires and the religious extremists (which is not remotely all religious. Some try to live their own lives right-- not dictate to others).

But we know what Richardson running for governor in Oregon would do. He has a record. We know what Cory Gardner running for the Senate in Colorado will do. He has a record. Stealth candidates don't run on that. They run on avoidance of it; but when they get in, when it's too late, that's when the voter finds the truth.

Glenn Beck on his radio program (when on the road, I try to listen to talk radio and given the right wing choices, he's one I can listen to the longest) had a kind of ad for Cory Gardner putting out two facts-- Dems are running ads that Cory Gardner would ban some kinds of birth control. Beck's then added that some guy who needs surgery cannot afford it (hence ACA doesn't work, i guess). The logic is Gardner's stand on birth control of some sorts relates to the ACA not working right... I guess that's the logic. EXCEPT logic takes two facts that relate and draws a conclusion. These two did not and he did it deliberately-- deception and the old conman switcheroo. We get a lot of that. Here is a fact: A+B=C only if A and B are related to the conclusion. Unrelated and it's just spin.

While I am ranting, I also wish repubs would pay more attention to the emails they pass around and the posts at Facebook. If it sounds too good to think a liberal would say it, it probably is a lie. Spreading around lies does not make you look honorable-- just gullible (which is what we lefties think anyway) ;). 


Curt said...

Good Rant! I'm convinced to vote democratic, since those damned republicans lie, and the democrats never would do such a thing! :-)(that's a "rightie" lie by the way, check out Wendy Davis and you'll know why Texans are voting for her opponent!)

Rain Trueax said...

They all can lie but should we not check it out? And I didn't say vote dem. I was specific to two candidates running as stealth. There used to be genuine conservatives running as repubs. Not too many today as the base does not want that. They want to have personhood. They know exactly what they are getting. The ads are aimed at the middle where most elections are decided. I have paid no attention to the Texas campaign; so cannot comment on it. What I oppose are the stealth campaigns. IF you want what the rightie does, then you are voting your beliefs-- like making abortion impossible to get legally. But just be sure they are your beliefs!

la peregrina said...

Well said, Rain, check don't accept.

Ingineer66 said...

In our local election the Mayor who is a big time liberal put his name on with 2 conservatives that are running and sent out a "Republican Voting Guide". And placed signs with the same endorsements all over town. The county Republican Party said it was not their recommendation. And the other liberals running were not happy getting thrown under the bus. But it was all about him retaining power in the face of a conservative swing on the council.

Luckily in a race in which the top 3 get elected, the current mayor placed 6th. He has been in office for 16 years and ran the city finances into the tank along with making us a national magnet for homeless people. The voters finally had enough of him.

Rain Trueax said...

Sounds good that he lost. We had a lot of dems this year that deserved to lose :)