Wednesday, September 24, 2014

what next?

What the solution will be to the group currently calling itself ISIS, is hard to say, but I don't see compromise as part of the solution. Not given their agenda and how it is appealing to Islamic groups and individuals around the world. Sometimes it truly is-- us or them.

In a world where we all hope for using logic as a way to solve problems, this is a situation that is frustrating. I understand why some say the bombing won't work-- another cell just arises. But truthfully it seems those cells are arising anyway. We have the Frenchman, who was just hiking in Algeria, and now has been beheaded. We saw in Australia where two policemen were stabbed by a man who saw himself as part of ISIS as he planned to behead them before he was killed. 

With the situation allowing men and women to go to Iraq and Syria, take training and then go back to from where they came, we are indeed facing a tricky situation.

I think media has to get strong on denying running these videos intended only to terrorize and recruit. We don't have to see them but if they are out there, some will. This really is a threat against a world which has enabled people to make their own choices for religion or lifestyle. I hope everyone who thinks Obama should have done nothing is paying attention to what is going on-- not just in Syria and Iraq.

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