Sunday, September 14, 2014

Scottish oil wealth as a factor?

While watching the movie, seen in parts, Outlander, on Starz based on the book by Diana Gabaldon, I have wondered how seeing this reminder of the brutality of the British rule over Scotland would play out as an influence on the coming election to separate.

Then I have seen a lot of articles from those like Paul Krugman claiming Scotland will suffer dire consequences if they vote to become their own nation-- most especially if they don't go for their own currency and try to stay with the pound where they will have limited power over its valuation. 

What I hadn't read about was this, something far more recent--

It sounds as though the vote for independence will be defeated by fear mongering and the great and glorious feeling of power in being part of the UK, but the truth is I don't know what was smartest for the Scottish people with their proud history. 

Having had our own history with England and seeing them now as mostly allies in the world, I don't know how it'd work out for Scotland if they go it alone, with even the European community not particularly supporting their desire for indendendence. Oil is not always a simple answer to wealth.

Anyway Americans are interested in more than themselves and whatever happens with the vote, I think many of us will be following it with interest. The subject of separation arises in the United States every so often too. I think it's a logical interest of cultures. Better together or apart?

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