Saturday, August 23, 2014

days on vacation

One of the things that annoys me is people who find fault with Presidents taking a vacation or playing golf while in office. This came up again when we learned of the beheading of a journalist where the murderers attempted to make the video visible to the world as a threat-- might I add a terrorist threat to the world.

So Obama makes a statement regarding what the government is considering to deal with this rogue element within the Islamic religion. He then goes back to the golf course, which led extreme righties to post threatening comments and ridicule him for playing golf during a crisis. Does that make sense to anybody using logic?

First of all Obama gives orders for attacks or a general agenda for what the military will do. He is not personally running drones or flying jets which will be doing the work. What exactly would his not playing golf accomplish? 

It'd be a symbol, and to right wingers, symbols are everything. Remember the little flag pin that had to be on a lapel? Craziness-- as did that mean the person wearing the pin had any more patriotic view of our country than one without it? If you think it did, you are more right wing than you know. It was all about looks.

For a President in the United States, they NEVER leave the job. Not ever never. They are responsible and getting information constantly and that means on vacation or not. 

My opinion on golf is if it relaxes a President, then he SHOULD play. Bush should have kept playing instead of deciding in 2003, he had to give it up to look good for the shallow voter element. What exactly did that accomplish to make our country safer? Nada, zero, nothing. And the same thing would've been true if Obama had not played the round of golf he had set out to play before this all happened. 

Thankfully Obama is a man who seems to understand not only the need for breaks, but also his ability to talk tough and still move back into a family life of a real person. Anybody who cannot do this should never be a President of a country as complex as ours.

As for too many vacations as some righties (always it's righties) claim, here are the facts on how many days he's been off on vacation since he took office--  

For those who hate him, any excuse to criticize is a good one and their comments get really ugly if you read such at all. I just wish they held the best of our country as highly as they do their hatred for this man and his family. It might enable them to look beyond their personal feelings, that he's unfit, to the actual actions and what is best to do next especially on something as complex as this radical group who have come to power thanks to Hussein being eliminated from Iraq as much as anything else! 

Our staying forever in Iraq as an occupying force wasn't happening, and Bush set the timetable for leaving. Americans didn't agree to forever, and those who got us into the war, like Cheney, lied about how long it would take and what it would cost. They are the same ones now complaining about the deficit. 

Take your pick-- higher taxes or higher deficit? Oh, don't like either? How about picking wars or not picking them? Grrrrrrrr. I need a break from reading the news as it's not making my day!


Ingineer66 said...

I don't have a problem with them going to Camp David or the Western Whitehouse etc. As for golf, I think part of the criticism is because the left made a big deal of how much W. played golf and now Obama has played 8 times as many rounds as W. did.

And part of the vacation criticism comes from the expense of renting 3 mansions in Hawaii for vacation or Michelle taking a separate jet to NYC for their date night. Or the second 757 for her family on some of the vacations. They talk about how bad rich people are and then they live like billionaires with our money.

Rain Trueax said...

well they travel with security and he has to always have enough staff with him to run the business of the country. And Bush stopped playing in 2003; so you can't compare that. I don't remember the left finding fault with it anyway. It was to look good for the right that he quit before the campaign trail. He instead went to the ranch which required travel and who kept track of how or when Laura traveled? They do it now because they hate him and her. That's why it's the issue. He paid for his own accommodations on all vacations but should he also pay for the crew with him since it's part of his job-- a job presidents never leave?

Wally Blue said...

Presidents have been criticized for the amount of vacation time and the cost entailed since the beginning. It will never end. At this point in time I find myself just a little left of center on the political spectrum, so from my perspective I see an interesting phenomenon. All of us, both liberals and conservatives have a world view that we've pieced together over the years and was influenced by our upbringing, education, and personal experiences. We defend that world view with everything we've got, even though it may not be anything close to reality. When new information arrives we either accept it and adjust our personal paradigm or reject it if it doesn't reinforce our prejudices. In other words, people just believe what they want to believe and the truth is not a welcome visitor to the conversation.

Rain Trueax said...

You said it well, Wally :)

Greybeard said...

Well said, Ingineer66.

Rain Trueax said...

Nice to see you again, Graybeard. I know we disagree but I can still respect you as an honorable voice of dissent :)