Friday, July 18, 2014

another tragedy

Generally I don't write pieces here so close together, but when events are happening one on top of another, it's hard to resist a few words  about the second, which in many ways is a greater tragedy than the one before it. Both are situations and in places, which have the potential to draw the world into a conflagration the likes of which nobody should want to see and yet constantly we seem to step right to the edge of it.

Who wants these kinds of wars? I can't imagine anybody and yet some do profit from such events and ever since Hearst used jingoism to push the United States into its first foreign intervention, The Spanish-American War, it has been used again and again. 

So what happened in the Ukraine when a Malyasian commerical airliner was shot down with the loss of nearly 300 citizens, many of them those who make a positive difference in the world, scientists, students, family people and killed for probably a stupid gloating mistake?

Rachel Maddow had a good show last night on how many times this has happened. It's not common, but this isn't the first time either. Always the government who shot down a commercial airliner denied it; then like with the US in the Strait of Hormuz, eventually reparation was paid. It was a mistake. Likely this was a mistake, but when groups have these very big boy guns and they don't really have the technology or expertise to safely man them, this can be the result-- sometimes even when they do have it.

What I read is that the US probably already has proof via photographs of the missile being shot and who manned it. Experts say this is a region what we watch very heavily. Definitive proof has not been put out at least not when I wrote this. What might be their motivation to hold off? They are though saying they believe it was pro-Russian separtists who did it.

Now if Russian soldiers, not rebels, were manning that missile launcher, then does the blame belong to Russia? What can the world do about it if it should even be proven to be the case? Go into WWIII? Anybody seriously think that will happen? 

Once again whatever happened to that airliner, it will be a government entity behind it-- whether the Russian backed rebels, the Ukrainian government in some nitwitted and senseless attack (which makes the least sense of all), or Russia itself (again doesn't seem they would do that but Putin might not condemn those who did since he is backing them). 

The tragedy won't be caused by the ordinary people on the airliner or most of the people in any of those countries. It is the ordinary people though who pay time and again. Will we, as humans, ever get smart?


Ingineer66 said...

The assumption is that Russian Special forces advisors helped the separatists fire the missiles. So their hands are likely dirty in this mess. I wonder what Ukrainian military plane they thought they were shooting at, at 33,000 feet. Certainly not one that was going to attack anything within 150 miles.
The US will do nothing about it, but maybe send a sternly written letter.

Rain Trueax said...

They will increase the economic sanctions but if you look at how that seems to work, it just makes a country more isolated and paranoid. Evidently the Russian people believe what Putin wants them told. We have the same problem here with finding unbiased news sources.

If Putin would condemn the action instead of trying to deny any responsibility for it, the European community wants to welcome him into it. It wants a good relationship with Russia as does the US. We are all more effective in dealing with rogue elements when civilized countries work together but so often we let partisan motives get in our way. Human nature I guess. But this is one where you'd think all countries should agree-- whoever did this deserves to be punished as it was ignorant and careless-- at best!