Sunday, May 11, 2014

one bad apple

Not being in California, I had no idea where the 49th district was (California's golden coast north of San Diego and south of L.A with Camp Pendleton in it as well as all the moneyed interests of places like Del Mar). It is predominantly Republican and generally lets Darrel Issa coast to a win. I began to wonder who is running against this nasty, power hungry, blowhard and found this-- Peiser for Congress.  So if you are in California's 49th district, check this guy out. And for the rest of us-- a little long distance donation might be in order for whoever wins the Democratic primary.

I did not plan to donate to any House races except here in Oregon, but this will be my exception as nothing would make me happier than to see Issa out of the House. I get it that he would then be a lobbyist but really it's what he is now just with a noisier platform! 

The House has done nothing but interfere with any real chance to improve American's lives. I won't say Nancy Pelosi is a favorite of mine either but as long as Republicans control the House, nothing gets done on the big issues of our time which involve things like infrastructure, climate change, immigration, invading other countries, tax reform. They ignore the problems facing Americans like jobs and education while they dither over Benghazi, their pet social issues, and regularly voting to end the ACA instead of figuring out how to fix it.

To me the big one for those of us who care about any of those issues is to be sure the Senate stays in Democratic hands to avoid what the House has done spreading. But it would be good for my morale if Issa got bumped up to where he can earn more money and not be able to hold hearings about nothing as he currently loves to do.

He is a bit of an irony because if you see him on Bill Maher, where he appears now and again, he seems like a nice guy. A regular Jekyll and Hyde is what he is... Without power maybe he can go back to being a nice person... maybe. I know one thing, it'd make my day to see him lose his podium in the House!

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