Wednesday, May 07, 2014

climate change is now

When I am in the truck, especially when waiting say outside a farm store for Farm Boss to get fence posts, I often turn on Limbaugh for however long I can stand him. It didn't take long yesterday as Limbaugh was on a rant against the scientific report on climate change-- how it's not in the future. It's now. Except not to him. No, to him, it's a plot designed by Obama and his minions to get through their socialist agenda. This time, Limbaugh didn't make five minutes. 

How can right wing pundits keep playing with people's lives? They can't admit photos like in the link above matter because then they'd have to admit they are lying about other things. On Limbaugh's show, it's all about how everybody lies but not him. Except he does just that because he's a pawn of the Koch brothers and others like them who keep him in business. He doesn't need to attract advertisers while they back him. They will back him as long as he says what they want and can convince them a lot of people listen to him for their ... what we will loosely call facts.

To stay a climate denier, you have to deny facts, deny photos, deny using logic to build a scenario for what something will lead to if it continues as it is. For someone as wealthy as Limbaugh or the Kochs, they probably have backup places they think will be safe-- with less people which might even be seen as desirable. They aren't imagining massive migrations of humans to what land is left that can support life. Limbaugh just knows he can leave his Florida mansion if the water reaches its front door. What he may not realize in his willful ignorance-- it's not just rising oceans, more drought or drinking water shortages. 

If the oceans get a massive influx of fresh water from ice that melts, it will change their chemistry. Fresh water oceans won't be for this earth's weather balance what salt water oceans have been. It might sound good to someone who only thinks of drinking water (if it reaches drinking water levels), but oceans are part of the balance of nature. They provide food (this year's salmon run in my part of Oregon has so far been almost impossible to see) but also currents and winds. Nobody today knows what will happen when their chemistry is dramatically changed but more is potentially at stake than rising sea levels or California's ability to grow gardens and food-- missed though they would be.

I have heard Limbaugh say that the earth is more durable than people think and it will be here. We can't damage it! It sounds so stupid that it's hard to believe anybody takes what he says seriously-- except they do. See the thing is-- we aren't worried about the earth always being here-- it's whether we will be!



Celia said...

I've tried that, "know your enemy" and so forth. It makes me clench my jaw so hard I'm lucky a tooth hasn't shot right out of my mouth.

Rain Trueax said...

lol Celia ;)

Ingineer66 said...

Hopefully Obama will press for more reservoirs for California for water due to the drought and for more power plants to run desalinization plants. I won't be holding my breath though.

As for the chart that shows fewer frost days, we had more days of freezing temperatures this year they were just drier than normal.

Rain Trueax said...

We know droughts have been part of the past and a lot of California is by nature a desert. The problem is it has been turned into a major agricultural area for the country and it takes a lot of water to keep that going. Not to mention big yards around fancy homes. A major drought in the SW is why they think the Anasazi moved south-- although that might have come for other reasons combined with the drought.

Ingineer66 said...

I have heard that about the Anasazi. They just abandoned their homes and nobody knows for sure why.

Rain Trueax said...

Well it was a time of drought. They know that based on tree rings-- sciencedontchaknow. There may have then been stresses on the people and they likely went south to Mexico as similar villages were built about the same time. There is an interesting aspect to the Sinagua dwellings. They were usually always abandoned after 100 years. Makes me wonder if that's when illnesses set in from unsanitary practices needed in such primitive cultures. Could be they just though better to rebuild but they had some great dwellings throughout the region because of that practice even before the big drought

Ingineer66 said...

It seemed like such an advanced society to just up and leave with nobody staying behind seems strange to me. I haven't studied any of the recent information about it. Just a little research back when I was in college.

Are you saying that the "first environmentalists" just moved out of the their houses to new ones when the ones they had got too dirty? Tongue firmly planted in cheek there.