Saturday, April 19, 2014

why not just give away the lands?

Boy do I disagree with this. Why should we trust local governments to have the higher interests of the land or us, as a nation, than we can the federal government? If they do this, and you know this is funded by Koch brother types, we will see all these lands, which have any value, taken over by the rich for exploitation. There will be no environmental regulations. 

Since these lands are owned by the whole nation, it is not a good idea for state governments, which are more easily bought ,to have them for nothing! 

So what else is new? And the easily manipulated right wingers who get all their news from talk radio or Fox, they'll be all for it.

Last week, in our truck and waiting for Farm Boss outside a feed store, I heard one of the rightie shows. You know what is most scary on those shows? It's not the hosts but those who call in. I know a lot of people in the US have no idea, but there is a sizeable part of this country ready to disobey laws just because they hate democracy. Yep, they do hate it because it did not vote their way.

If the left and middle don't pay attention to what is happening, the powerful will take over lands like these without the rest of the nation even knowing what is going on. They already control many of these state governments.

Talk about depressing between the extreme left and the extreme right, is there really a way to turn this thing around?

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