Thursday, April 24, 2014

what they know about anything!

For Americans, there is one important thing for them to know about white supremacists. They aren't just ignorant about minorities-- and I mean totally ignorant, but also about women. Prime example:

which is basically nothing.

He's not remotely the only one spouting such stupidity. If he knew black people personally, he'd know there are those with educations and important jobs, families that train their children to be responsible citizens, and know how to work hard. He doesn't know them. He drives by a development and says that's the truth of the blacks and why slavery was better.

People like Bundy and the woman in the House who said we'd be better off if women couldn't vote, they so infuriate me that it's hard to write without wanting to more than rant. These are the times I am happy to have the rant as a place to spout off and then let it go. We have to make our own lives good. We can't be angry all the time and do that but when we have a news network and radio pundits who cater to this kind of hooey, it's hard not to want to scream!

The more America learns about the millionaire rancher who used 150 square miles of land, keeping anyone else from using it, and refused to pay for 20 years, the more the people here ought to understand he was the real grifter and still is-- as he inspires the dumbest of the dumb to join him. 

I hope anyone supporting him saw the clip on the Daily Show where one of the yahoos down there with his big guns (and small ____) said that if the federal government came shooting, they'd put their women and children out front so they could be shot down and the people in this country would see how awful the federal government was. 

Let that sink in! The real Old West attitude, hide behind your women and children because hell, you can always get more of them but you gotta save your own life at any cost. That is who the militia movement is and nobody better forget it.


la peregrina said...

These yahoos burn me up,too. What a bunch of misogynistic jerks. y

Rain Trueax said...

It gets worse. Rachel Maddow did an excellent journalistic show where she showed the connection to Posse Commitatus and this idea that each county should be independent with one sheriff to decide what is legal. How many ways can that go wrong!!!

la peregrina said...

Sounds like someone in Posse Commitatus has watched John Wayne's red scare movie "Big Jim McLain (1952)" one to many times. Wayne plays an U.S. House Un-American Activities Committee investigator. When he takes down a Commi-cell the party members stand on their fifth amendment right to not self-incriminate which upset Big Jim.

"There are a lot of wonderful things written into our Constitution that were meant for honest, decent citizens. I resent the fact that it can be used and abused by the very people who want to destroy it."

Yeah, let's give constitutional rights only to the people WE think deserve to have them.

Some people are so terrified of the words Socialism, Communism, Muslim, or, to them, any other so-called Un-American label that they will turn to fascism in order to feel safe. What they don't realize is once you start down that road you are always vulnerable to being labeled Un-American yourself by someone who is more radical than you. Like that sheriff Posse Commitatus is so willing to hand over their legal rights to; he is the one who will be deciding if you have any legal rights at all. Is that really their idea of freedom?

You know, PC doesn't seem to be that much different than a religious cult. Both groups want someone else to take charge of their lives.

Rain Trueax said...

What gets me about this movement, which began right after the Civil War, is they want each county to control what is legal and that county sheriff to determine who is prosecuted, etc. This goes back to Jim Crow, separate water fountains, schools that are inferior for one race, and it's why Eisenhower sent in the military to enforce something that should have been obvious but had not been to those who wanted one row of seats in a bus for one race and another for the others. We think we have moved ahead as a culture and then you see that group is still there, just waiting for a chance to go back to what they considered their golden age where women and minorities are kept down. What gets me is when any minority or woman supports them ;( It is beyond understanding.

Rain Trueax said...

i had that spelled wrong, not sure where I had gotten it wrong. It is posse comitatus for anybody wanting to do a search for it.

Ingineer66 said...

Give some people a microphone and they will hang themselves.

Rain Trueax said...

ingineer, that's basically what Glenn Beck said last week ;)