Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Morally repugnant

I don't need to rant on this. This guy does it quite nicely. But I am concerned in something else I read about how Hollywood has turned to 'Christian' themes for films and they are all selling quite well. Sometimes these 'christian' films are paid for by a oligarch. Sometimes it's just someone who likes to make disaster films and finds fertile fields where it comes to the Bible. 

This guy makes a good point. If it's only fundamentalists who take the Bible literally, then are other Christians going to speak out not just about this film but about the values it seems to espouse?

Religious people claim much good is done by their beliefs, and we should all be grateful. I wonder how many know what is really in that book and have stopped to think about that aspect of it. I guarantee you when I was in a church, I didn't. It took getting out. It sounds good when you are there and it sure works for oligarchs to promote this kind of-- we can take all the wealth here on earth but you will be rewarded in heaven-- keeping the sheep calm, quiet and willing to be fleeced. BUT when you look at a story like Noah or Abraham really look at them and what is the message-- Abraham was ready to slay his son because God told him to? That was good? Really???

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