Thursday, April 17, 2014

Do humans ever learn?

Do humans ever learn? right now I'd say as a whole-- no. That is discouraging to say the least.

And then there is this. 

I had a nightmare last night about neoNazi hate groups (more about it in Rainy Day Thoughts on Saturday). There are those who hate those who support ecumenism as much as they do one religion group or another. So if you support voting to get your way, you are part of the problem. I ran into that this last week trying to talk logic to a radical leftie. Yeah, this kind of extremism is on both sides of the political spectrum and they are as mad at someone like me, who speaks about voting and changing the existing order by process, as they are the other side.

The map above isn't surprising as when you think about the supposed law and order party, the Tea Party, never was about law and order,\; but always about taking over by force as that's what they patterned themselves after. Of course, the Boston Tea Party was about something totally different than the current one where we do have elections to decide things. These people are mad that their way didn't win and when they don't win, they think a rebellion is in order.

The more frustrating part of this for me is the extreme left has a lot of the same views. Their way or the highway. Occupy wasn't about changing the system by voting but by just taking it.

I don't want to think there is no hope but it's not hard to see why some choose to not be informed. It is very depressing. As to the question of whether humans ever learn-- it would seem not.


la peregrina said...

I too get frustrated by the pigheaded bigotry and ignorance that surrounds us, Rain. It amazes me how "right" some people can be in their ignorance.

And, no, ignorant people never seem to learn.

Rain Trueax said...

me too, but if we stick our heads in the sand, we will let them get away with it.