Saturday, April 26, 2014

can logic be used in an issue like Bundy has stirred up?

Probably foolishly, I sometimes try to comment on news sites to express my view of what is happening. I read what others write and it totally amazes me where it comes to Bundy. They are supporting him because they think their own rights have been taken away. Exactly how is rarely clear. Anyway I waste my time replying when I know it won't really do any good. 

The following is what I wrote on the LA Times site below an article and string of comments about Bundy. I know it's sometimes risky to do this as wackos can target anybody, but I always hope for the best that maybe somebody will actually start to think and look for information for themselves. I know... pollyannish, but you know I have grandchildren and a stake in caring about how this country ends up.


 They were NOT violating his rights, Mr. PHillips. He had not paid for the use he had of the land which all other ranchers (except maybe those who want anarchy) do pay for at a rate far below what we pay for it with privately owned land. Lease land for your cattle from an individual, refuse to pay the amount owed (about 15 times what he was asked to pay), and the government (local in this case) will come out and get the cattle, sell them at auction and use the funds to pay what you owe. Same thing happens if you buy a car, refuse to pay for it-- repo man will come get it. Your house or anything else goes back or is taken when you decide you don't have to pay for it.

What happened in Nevada is the owners of the property (us) didn't want to kill the wackos who had come there hoping to have a new revolution that would start with them. The government agency, working again for us, is not done with this but after the Idaho and Waco standoffs in the '90s, they didn't want a battle like the yahoos did want-- the ones who would put their wives and daughters in front of themselves as human shields. These people, wherever they came from, are as nutty as David Koresh and I watched on TV that compound burn that day because they also didn't care if their children died for their cause.

What has happened is a lot of people totally ignorant about government and ignorant about cattle ranching have come to support a man who is ignorant himself about what slavery was like with some vague idea of an Eden in the south where in reality very clear racism (which did not regard a black as being a human) allowed one man to own, kill, beat or rape another with government support. Obviously Bundy, with his idea of every man for himself, would like that day to happen again-- saving the blacks and maybe all poor from the dreadful peril of liberty...

You know I listen sometimes to those like Beck and Limbaugh just to hear what they are saying. I've heard Beck correct his wackos time and again while Limbaugh just encourages them. But then Limbaugh really serves at the pleasure of the Koch brothers while Beck pretty much supports himself as far as I can tell. Fox, Limbaugh and a lot of other right wing pundits will be there spouting what they do as long as it brings the Kochs what they want and what they want is always more.

You guys, who defend Bundy and blame the government (us) for your woes, are being played. I just hope you figure it out in time. The Kochs and their ilk know what they want and it's to have us back to a feudal time where they run the show.

It's not the government that is your enemy. That could be your tool if you learned to get informed, voted, worked for, and donated to your kind of candidate. The Koch and their ilk can only vote once for each man but it's the votes they buy through deception that they count on. The government is the only thing that really stands with the little guy to keep his position strong.

So long as Americans remain ignorant of what is going on and who truly benefits from it, an oligarchy flourishes. The Supreme Court has opened the door wide for the wealthiest to buy elections through deceptive campaign ads. Those, however only work if Americans are too lazy to do their own research. The info is out there, not on blog sites but information sites with actual numbers.

Those, like the Kochs, count on Americans being too lazy to do that. They count on emotional appeals as working to get the votes they need to get more and more power for themselves through the candidates they can control (like they do those select pundits). Too often they are proven right. You won't find the real numbers on talk radio or any media news program. Once in awhile, I listen to them and hear how they distort what happened to suit the agenda of their bosses. Those talk guys make millions doing that. You, as a voter, you have to look for the actual facts and figures. Too much work? Too boring? *yawn*  Don't be surprised when you find out who profits from that.

You know I don't always like how an election turns out either. I just figure I have to support my guy better next time as there will be a next time unless we end up with anarchy, the existing system is overthrown and we lose all the rights we thought we had. Some of those got given away anyway due to fear of foreign terrorists. Irony isn't it that the ones we likely should find of most concern are those who would blow up a federal building thinking they are starting the new American revolution-- a revolution that could be won at the ballot box if those who think they know best worked for what they say they want...


Celia said...

You're braver than I. Thank you for your thought out commentary. It leaves me speechless at times.

Rain Trueax said...

thank you, Celia. I often think I shouldn't do it either but then I read what they say and just can't not reply. This issue where it involves ranching is especially in that category where I know a lot about it from the ranching end. The ones most defending Bundy on those comment sites appear to know nothing about it but it's not their real grievance. Frankly it's that we have a black president. If Bush was president, I doubt they'd have gone to defend Bundy. They'd have seen him for what he is-- a freeloader who wants to dismantle our existing system without winning at the ballot box.