Friday, December 06, 2013

It's a RANT

There are people where I wonder how they can stand themselves. No, it's not the mass murderers who are often mentally ill or even the serial killers. I get it they are evil and whenever they are found out by society, they are punished accordingly.

The ones that mystify me are those like the Koch brothers who would do more than murder people, they would destroy the very culture that made their own wealth possible and do it with a smile. It shocks me every time I hear another of their plans to do away with what makes us a civilized nation versus every man for themselves.

This is an assault on the old, the young, and everyone who isn't wealthy. The irony is they are admired and not punished. Some of their ilk are buying homes with shelters under them which would enable them to live for years when the world above is destroyed which means they aren't that sure it won't be. What they are sure is they will survive to rebuild or at least their descendents would-- and rebuild it in their own image which is that of greed as a virtue.

Will Americans wake up to what is happening, what is being funded before it's too late? It seems unlikely because a lot of people have been duped into believing when the Kochs profit, they do too. They don't. They get duped into some kind of fear of social freedom and the Kochs push that with their tools like Rush Limbaugh who doesn't really ever have to worry about sponsors because no matter how many people detest what he stands for, a core group do listen and the Kochs can always provide the bucks. He says what they want their minions to hear.

Limbaugh constantly refers to Obama's administration as a regime as though it wasn't elected, as though it was gained by fraud. He puts down those who believe in a government that works to protect the environment, that controls monopolies (that appears gone for now on both sides of the aisle), that helps people work together to build roads, have quality schools, monitor food safety, provide for the elderly, sick and weak, and protect the people. These are all goals that cost money which means bad by Koch brother standards as all they want is what makes them more money.

I listened to Limbaugh a bit again this week because of being in town ahead of our predicted snowstorm. It was all I could take in about five minutes as the drumbeat is constant. He is the tool of Freedom Works and the Kochs and he says what they want to hear. He probably believes it himself but if he doesn't, he couldn't afford to say. He's as much a minion as the lowest paid serf, he just gets more money for what he does-- a lot more.

Clear Channel which is the arm of the right is going even heavier into some stations just to promote propaganda. Convince enough people that the country is doomed if we raise the minimum wage, convince them that the only people who can't get health insurance at an affordable price are lazy, convince them that when the Kochs profit, they do... that's his job and he and a lot more like him are at it all day long and in many markets where it's the only talk radio anybody can hear.

Just if you are one of those listening to talk radio, believing the swill, be sure you think long and hard what made a civilization different than an anarchy and be sure you really will live a better life with a few wealthy having all the power and the rest working all their lives for pennies. Think long and hard because it's heading that way and destroying public education is a good way to make sure it never comes back.

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Diane Widler Wenzel said...

I talked to a person who has been hood winked as you describe. They do what I learned was card stacking. The only example this erson gave was that the Obama Care web site has problems. They are assured that some things government is not good at. I would say that an uneducated people, unable to use critical thinking, are good at failures. I sure liked the beauty of the statement in reference to Nelson Mandela that we need to work from hope and not fear.