Friday, November 22, 2013

the party of no

The Republicans misused the filibuster as they attempted to stop judges from being appointed or for Obama even to get the Cabinet he wanted based on his philosophy-- upon which he was elected twice.

They still can block on partisan grounds legislation and Supreme Court nominees but there's nothing wrong with majority rule; and if they know a potential appointee has a real issue that makes them unfit to serve, they are still free to make their case-- if need be to the public. What they cannot now do is block nominees for reasons unrelated to the job for which they are being appointed and use it to blackmail the President regarding other unrelated issues. They abused the privilege by ignoring the consequences of elections.

For those who at one time supported the principle of the filibuster, it has been subverted purely on partisan grounds or out of rancor.

There is nothing wrong with majority rule. If Americans want Republican ideas like for ending abortion, blocking gay marriages, more tax cuts for the richest citizens, stopping any attempt to have universal health insurance, they'll elect more Republicans, and they'll be the ones in the majority. Otherwise, this is fairer than the stagnation that they have been enforcing while still collecting paychecks, health care, and all their perks.

The party of no better run on their ideas instead of misusing what was a privilege.

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