Saturday, November 02, 2013

Food stamps and Walmart

What Congress has done to food stamps should be a national disgrace but until it impacts business and stock market, will anybody care that children go to bed hungry?

 Whoa, really like we are all connected? Who'd of thunk it!

There has been plenty out there regarding how Walmart has been benefiting from all kinds of government programs as a way to continue to pay their employees low wages while their actual cost of living is being supplemented by government aid. 

Somehow Americans better figure out what earlier generations did. When rich people get tax cuts, they just tuck it away in a tax free haven. When ordinary people get a few extra dollars, they spend it. Wanta guess which improves the economy?

If Americans continue to think it's every man for himself, to forget how bridges and freeways got built, how a railroad crossed this nation, if they really think they shouldn't care about their fellow citizens, this is going to get worse before it gets better.  We didn't do this by ourselves, and we can't fix it until we figure out cause and effect.

We can fix it though by wise government programs for food, housing and training. We can fix it through looking at our taxes and recognizing some can afford to pay more so close those havens that enable someone like a Romney to pay nothing until he wants to run for President. 

We can understand that having a single payer health system would actually benefit us all-- and that includes Congress in it-- with the option to pay for some extra coverage as Medicare allows. For those who are irked that they lost their current insurance policy because it didn't really cover anything, learn what words mean. You didn't really have insurance. You just paid for it.

There's a lot we can do-- but nothing will happen until we change the Congress in 2014 to Democrat controlled and then hold their feet to the fire for doing what we want done. Which doesn't mean unthinkingly handing out money to the wealthiest or the poorest. 

Make our programs work and until we get leaders in there who believe that way, keep firing the ones there.


Celia said...

Brava Rain!

Rain Trueax said...

Thanks, Celia. It seems so obvious, doesn't it and yet it's not. weird.