Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Election postmortem

Watching election results yesterday and seeing the assessments this morning, I didn't get all I would have liked but it was a better night for me than some-- although for awhile it was worrisome. I had to run to town to get two crowns installed (ugh); so heard some of the fall out on talk radio.

And yes, from what I heard, the right wing is whining and pinning blame elsewhere. They cannot accept that their ideas don't work for Americans. It has to be somebody else's fault and never the agenda of the Koch brothers and the Tea Party (who are as one for their positions isn't that a coincidence).

Listening to a bit of Limbaugh was as expected. Republicans who have a more liberal view toward social issues should have supported Cuccinelli simply because he was a Republican. It was their fault and not that maybe those Republicans didn't like vaginal probes for abortions, tough. They should have ignored Cuccinelli's own kind of spotty record on taking presents to then promote agendas. They were supposed to support him anyway because all they should care about is a Republican winning so they can cut taxes and take away more hard-won rights from women, I guess.

Logic, sense, agenda, none of should have mattered. To Rush Limbaugh his ideas are wanted by most people and whenever they lose in election, it's not time to reassess the value of his ideas. It's time to blame somebody else. A tea partier who stands against everything the Republican voter/donator values and vote/give to them anyway.

I thought it was funny to listen to Limbaugh try to understand the difference between an independent and moderate.  I wonder if he really doesn't know but in case he didn't, I would like to tell him- not that he'd ever read a small blog like mine. But okay, Rushbo, here goes and even you should understand it.

Independent is a designation where you don't want to admit you are a Democrat or Republican. It's for voting and it says you're down on them both. Pox on both your houses. Some states let Independents vote in primaries but many, like Oregon, don't. So I am not an Independent although I might like it if I could be one since I get irked with both parties for different things.

Limbaugh claimed the consultants used to say get the Independent vote and you will win the election. I don't know if they did but since Independents can originally come from either party, I doubt it would make a significant dent in voting ratios.

Moderate-- now that has more meaning and where I do think elections are swung. Limbaugh claims the pundits now claim, since Cuccinelli won the Independent vote by I think 9%, that what you really need to get are the moderates. I've heard Limbaugh put down moderates before as he used to say that meant wishy-washy. It could. It might be people who cannot make up their minds.

BUT moderate can also mean someone who doesn't fit the agenda of either liberals or conservatives. I am a moderate and I know about such things. I favor gun rights, have a concealed weapon permit and a loaded gun not far from where I am typing this. I also though don't favor ownership of assault rifles and extended magazines-- guns mostly just intended for war. That satisfies no one-- hence moderate.

I am a moderate on many issues but that doesn't mean I don't have strong opinions which they don't shift around. I favor abortion rights but not for the whole nine months of a pregnancy. I'd stop it around the age where the fetus could survive outside the womb. To save the life of the mother after that time, do a C-section. That doesn't make liberals or conservatives happy and you see that's what makes me a moderate. Set in my views but not in a box.

Moderates are more flexible on voting. they may have one or two issues that are deal breakers but in general since they won't vote on party name, they will vote on issues and it's never certain (or didn't used to be) where you'd find a candidate with their perspective. These days it's more obvious as Republicans won't let a candidate even run if they aren't extreme and hence it's easy to vote straight party. I am hoping that will change in the future but when it does, I still will be a moderate. I don't like boxes...


Greybeard said...

We live in interesting times.
And they're about to get interestinger.
(Hope you have great, "affordable" health care.)

Rain Trueax said...

hey, good to see you, graybeard. I do check pitchpull once in awhile but avoid posting for obvious reasons ;) And I have Medicare plus a supplement which just notified us no change in coverage or cost. I wonder about the ones getting a change as to who benefits from cancelling people and is it really insurance when you don't have coverage beyond a certain amount... might as well have saved the premium money, eh? *s*

Ingineer66 said...

I find it interesting that the Democrats are trying to portray Christie as some super conservative and the Republicans say he is not very conservative at all. To me that probably means he would be a good representative of most of us.

Rain Trueax said...

He would, ingineer, if you believe it doesn't matter if government bans all abortions, puts out a federal law banning all gay marriage, had no gun regulations to speak of, etc. To me he's a conservative's conservative who talks nice but they say has a wicked temper.

If he gets in it'll be so like the states that elected republicans only to find they were ending for all practical purposes abortion (like Texas with the law that means some women would have to drive 500 miles for one based on having to have a nearby hospital that will take their patients in case of trouble which in early abortions safety isn't the reason for the law).

BUT I gotta say I think he's a sexy looking man, cute as heck even when he was dangerously fat and losing weight, he could be very handsome to more than just me by '16. love to hear him talk and at least if he got in, he'd not be hard to take for four years on the TV all the time. But anybody who votes for him as a compassionate conservative forgot GW Bush.

People need to do more reading of these people's position papers and less listening to pundits who definitely want him to be the one. And with Rand Paul self-destructing with his duel statement and lack of understanding about what plagiarism means lol, that leaves the GOP with Cruz or Rubio unless they try again with a dark horse.

To me Cruz (the epitome of McCarthy-- who some Republicans have been trying to rehab his image for several years) is the ultimate extremist who goes to DC because he doesn't like government and wants to deconstruct it-- expensive gesture given his pushing it to gain his own fame cost $2 billion in government costs and who knows what to the economy for those like us who would have spent a lot more money going to Yellowstone when we had to cancel reservations than we did in Oregon (great alternative though as you know if you saw my Thoughts blog with more to come). But oh my Rush loves him and all the righties who love the military and hate all women's and minority rights. So naturally the media figures Christie, who at least can work responsibly with some Democrats, would do less damage. Don't bet on it as I think he's very much a conservative talk or no talk about working with the left. How can you work together when values are sooooo different?