Saturday, November 16, 2013

Bad Seed?

Now this is an interesting story for Americans to consider. If you haven't read about it already, it's one of those that makes you think-- so what is the answer?

To me it was amazing that they were accused of abandoning this child since they returned him to Children's Services. Since we as a culture don't offer much help to parents with such children, and believe me, they are out there, what is the solution the legal system in Ohio favored? They keep him until he kills someone?

I can think, without working at it, of three families in Oregon who had a violent child that they tried to help and the end result was they were murdered. I can also think of families like the one in Tucson where the son showed clear mental illness and yet where was the help for them?

In the case above, the parents tried various outlets to help their son get control over his urge to murder them and his violence. Nothing helped. So the legal system in their area ordered them arrested when they brought him back to a government agency. How was that abandonment? If anyone was abandoned, it was them.

What is the solution for such children who may grow up to be the Columbine killers or Tucson or Aurora or as I said several in Oregon? What do we do with such children who show violent tendencies from an early age? Ideas?


Diane Widler Wenzel said...

How sad! We do not know what triggers such cases. We do not know the particulars of the Ohio case. Was there evidence of neglect? So we should not add that to the list of governmental inadequacy.

Rain Trueax said...

With other children and neighbors' speaking about it, it sounds like it's not as simple as blaming the parents. Maybe sometimes there is a bad seed and when there is, what can we do about it? I think of the parents in Oregon-- three sets-- who were all known as good people, tried to get help for their sons and ended up not only murdered but in the one case it led to a school shooting and killing of others. It's not simple. The problem is what can we do about the kind of violence that shows up early in children and cannot be redirected? As it stands we wait until murders happen. And these parents get charged with a crime when it looks like the system failed them for any answers regarding a 9 year old who wants to kill people already. Is reincarnation one possible answer? I know I know how many don't believe in it but we see a Mozart as a genius with the piano as a child or others who seem to start out bad and get worse. Is there a way to turn that around? I certainly don't have an answer but it seems to me that these parents are being blamed for something that isn't their fault. I've thought about the parents in Tucson whose son tried to kill Gabby and succeeded in killing others. Nothing was done until the murders. That's not right.

There was an instance recently of Charlie Sheen's twins with Brooke Muller becoming violent as 4 year olds and his ex-wife, Denise, who had tried to take them in saying they were trying to hurt her dogs and her other children. What can we do about such or do we wait for it to explode? I can't believe there aren't answers but right now our society turns its back on mental illness and clearly that level of violence is mental illness-- small child or not