Sunday, October 20, 2013

Who has the wealth?

I can't even do a  rant big enough to cover this one. We are such dupes and unfortunately one party in our country is being maneuvered to think the whole issue is poor people or do-gooders out to achieve power. Will they ever wake up? What can the rest of us do about this-- you know the ones who are given just enough to keep them quiet!

It is a video, takes a bit of time to watch it. But take that time and then think about it. Is this what we want as a people and if not, what can we do about it?

You know, Native Americans didn't believe in ownership of land. Can you own the sky? They saw the world as communal and often about giving away their wealth to indicate their power. We came in with a very different philosophy, did all we could to destroy their cultures... Now I hope all Americans take a good look at where it's taking us...

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Kay Dennison said...

Thanks for sharing this! I couldn't get the audio so I wen to YouTube to hear it (in case anyone encountered the same).

I was sorta surprised that I'm not as poor as I thought I was but then my Social Security went up when my ex died. I found the results some what shocking as I'm sure many of us did!