Monday, October 14, 2013

telling our story

 petroglyph from Columbia Gorge telling a story of an earlier people
owls are symbols of wisdom but can also represent death-- and that can be of an idea as well as a people or culture

Clearly Republican leaders and many of their followers don't believe in democracy nor do they believe in the principles Jesus taught about care of the poor and sick. What is frustrating is how when they cannot convince the majority of Americans of their own principles of greed, bigotry and sexual control over women, they do it the sneaky way. Here's where we are at--

One more year is all they have if Americans begin to donate and work for House and Senate candidates who are progressives and Democrats (can't trust what Republicans say they will do as they do believe in lying). Put your money and energy where your mouth is if you are a progressive and that means in all the states Republicans currently control thanks to gerrymandering. Remember Dems won millions more votes in 2012 but didn't win where it counted in those gerrymandered districts.

Time to do some research and encourage genuine progressives to run there. Some states are relatively safe for Democratic control; so turn to the ones that aren't. If Americans do their part, we'll have a Democratic Senate, House and Presidency and two years to undo what the far right has done.

I also suggest a few moderate Republicans need to rethink how they want this country to look and do their own research going beyond the right wing spiel machines to look for numbers and facts. While they might like how those like Paul Ryan think about cutting social programs, do they also like how they want to limit access to birth control? Do some research!



Kay Dennison said...

I don't think they're smart enough to realize that it's time to back off!

Diane Widler Wenzel said...

Kay, I don't think it is the smarts,but greed for money could be a big part of it.