Thursday, October 31, 2013

Scare Tactics

Everyone has been hearing the scary stories about insurance premiums going up, people being thrown off their insurance plans. Here's an article about what's really going on. Read it especially if you are one of those feeling fear right now.

Here's the situation. If you had a catastrophic health problem, lost your job, had Cobra for awhile, but used up your lifetime allotment of insurance, that was the real death panel and it has been a fact for a lot of Americans.

What the Affordable Care Act is trying to do is make a change in what has been reality for too many Americans. It has tried to do this through the insurance corporations who have been making huge profits during the years as health care has grown more and more complex.

If you are anywhere near my age (70), you know that health care used to mean visiting your family care doctor, who might have had an x-ray machine in the office but not likely much else. Blood work was sent to labs. The doctor could easily take care of what most Americans had wrong, but nothing too complicated. That went to a hospital where even there the kinds of tools that are available today couldn't even be dreamed of. The costs were affordable without needing insurance for most families but then people died because things like high blood pressure or cholesterol weren't really treatable.

Now the bigger clinics all have the latest testing equipment and they can do a lot of treatments right in their offices. It all costs more but Americans have liked it. Except it left a lot of Americans out. The fear now is that everybody's coverage may suffer as we try to bring our brothers and sisters in from the cold.

Maybe it will for awhile as we adjust to the changes. One of the things ACA was intended to do is bring down insurance costs by competition. That, of course, takes time. It takes Americans being willing to shop. Have Americans forgotten how to do that or has shopping at a Walmart made them forget prices can vary. Value can vary.

Read the article above and tell your friends who are scared. Americans can make this work. We can assure that everybody gets basic coverage. Or do we really not believe in that-- he's your brother-- talk from Jesus?

Photos are all sunrises from our farm the other morning. We don't get these kinds of sunrises very often but we sure did this week. We can have an American sunrise with this health care shift where we won't hear the horror stories of people losing everything to try and keep a loved one alive. We can make this work but do we really expect somebody else to do it all for us? It's our turn to step up to the mark! If your insurance situation is fine, that's good but be sure you are telling others that there are answers. Don't panic. Make it work. Tell your Congress people-- of either party-- that you demand they help make it work. The situation as it was was intolerable. Figure it out to make it right.


Rain Trueax said...

This was the situation in Oregon-- facing cancellations. Be proactive. Look for what is available and yes, it's bad that the computers weren't ready for it after all the time; but it is a big transition and a lot of these folks probably also didn't have much 'real' coverage. Give it some time and demand it be made right is still what I believe.

Celia said...

Thank you for your usual precise words and fact sharing.