Sunday, October 13, 2013

sabotage of democracy

As usual, Bill Moyers calls it for what it is:

They are mad at voters for not voting their way-- hence democracy is bad. They keep repeating that 62% or some such don't like ObamaCare. Well some of those polled didn't actually know it's the Affordable Care Act, and that sounds just fine to them. Some don't know it's not about government insurance but the ability to buy insurance at affordable prices-- and forcing young people to buy it when some want to wait until they get older taking the chance they won't need it. (We bought insurance as soon as we could afford it right after getting out of college).

Making it affordable requires help for some who are the working poor but don't qualify for Medicaid. This program isn't Medicare for all-- which is what about 18% of those not happy actually wanted.

Now the right is talking less about insurance for all and more about cutting the spending-- except the spending has already been cut due to sequestration. Frankly right now they don't have a reasonable plan for defaulting. I heard Limbaugh complain that Obama wanted to shut the parks and cancer research and other programs he likes-- which means all he really wanted cut was food for kids or housing aid for the poor or heating oil help. Never mind that these are programs Americans actually wanted... well not all Americans just those concerned for the needs of those who are impoverished due often to life circumstances or more money going to the wealthy with less left for working wages. What does a Limbaugh care about such? He's fat and happy. That must mean everybody could be, right?

As for Obama's wild spending...


Kay Dennison said...

Crooks and liars appear to be the norm in the order of the day for the GOP.
And Bill Moyers, as always, is my hero!!!!!

Celia said...

Bill Moyers is a national treasure.

Rain Trueax said...

He speaks truth and thinks long term.

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Julie said,

Several links on this page of Bill Moyer's site are informative and educational.