Saturday, October 19, 2013

politics and human nature

 I really hate to say this but just have to. Stand out of the way of Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz. Their nuttiness will cost the Republicans control of the House. You can see it again and again where the right runs these extreme candidates like in Nevada and someone like Harry Reid, who wasn't that popular, can win.

So let them go. Let those like Rush keep telling them that they need to go farther right to win. Someday they'll figure out that the country isn't going with them, but it won't be in 2014. Hopefully they put up more weirdo candidates and then Americans will vote left in shock. It will give Obama the majority in House and Senate and enable him to do something for his last two years.

It's not like we, as voters, can afford to sit back and just wait for that to happen. We need to donate and work for left and progressive thinking candidates. We need to support the groups that point out the nuttiness, who put the clips of their speeches on YouTube. But the far right is going to help us by their adoration of Ted Cruz.

Polls say 49% of current Republicans think of themselves as tea partiers. Of that 49% 90% think that Cruz is a hero. Even better, they are the Republicans most likely to vote. In 2014 and probably 2016, everybody else, who thinks of themselves as a conservative, will realize what has happened to their party and hopefully take it back.

This country needs a liberal and conservative party. It needs those who think of what is right to do based on what we can afford. It's also needs those who dream of what is possible.  The parties have gone both ways in their thinking to sometimes literally totally reverse their positions. Look at history to see the truth of that.

I've been reading Crazy Horse and Custer by Stephen E. Ambrose which is about the lives of these two warriors and how they paralleled. Basically they each had to deal with the politics of their own culture and time.

Ironically Custer was a Democrat which meant although he favored ending slavery, fought for the North, he didn't see blacks as equal to whites nor did they deserve to have the vote-- typical thinking for Democrats back then who didn't actually want an end to slavery. What it meant to be a Democrat then is how Republicans sound today-- minus wanting slavery... I think.

Politics has always been of interest to me but not just how it impacts government but how it impacts all of what communities do-- of any sort. Ambrose's book goes into the politics of Custer's time and how it probably even led to his death as he dealt with the times in which he lived and the expectations for the military. Interestingly whether he's seen as a hero or villain has also been changed by the politics of the time in which he is being studied.

So until the 1960s with Vietnam, Custer was recognized as a warrior who died in battle for his country. Then it changed and books began to come out denigrating him. Some like by Larry McMurtry eviscerate him without necessarily relying on historical facts. It's popular with intellectuals today to see him as a bad man. That's politics.

And whatever we might think of our time and what is considered the 'right' way to live or run our communities, the future can lead to something very different-- that's human nature.


Dick said...

I tend to be fiscally conservative but a bit more liberal when it comes to people matters. Living in Washington State, I don't have to declare a party and be expected to blindly vote a party ticket, so I can vote, both in primary and general elections, for the candidate that I think is best. And I have voted for candidates from both parties. In the past.

Right now I am reluctant to vote for a Republican candidate as I don't want to give those extremists in the party any larger majority. And they are driving the moderate candidates away. But I also find many of the Democrats are too far the other way for my taste. I wish there were a way to bring back some of the candidates from the past!

We will see what that committee of four can do between now and that mid-December date, but based on how some of those same people didn't resolve similar problems last year and the Sequester hit us, I will not hold my breath for a breakthrough.

Rain Trueax said...

Like you, Dick, I have little faith that they will come up with anything or if they do it'll be to take more from seniors and the poor. We are some 'Christian' nation is all I can say.

Ingineer66 said...

Extremists on both sides are ruining the country. Interesting about Custer being pro slavery. Robert E Lee was anti slavery but fought for the south because he had more allegiance to his home state of Virginia than to his country. The Civil War changed that for many people. After the War people started saying the United States is instead of the United States are. Lincoln not only preserved the Union he solidified it.

Ingineer66 said...

I agree with you Dick. I have no confidence in anything meaningful being done by the current bunch in DC in either party. And I am similar that I am conservative in fiscal and crime and defense matters but more liberal than even some of my democrat friends on most social issues. I guess maybe I am closer to being a libertarian than anything these days.