Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Governing? What's that!

Even the Wall Street Journal, a conservative newspaper can see that what the Republicans have been doing is nutso (they are too proper to use that term).

Threatening the elderly with no SS checks, shutting down the parks, trying to blame Harry Reid for standing firm for law and order, none of it is governing which is what I thought we sent these people to DC to do. Oh wait, some voters didn't. They wanted them to end governing and head toward anarchy where they can eventually take over power-- or so it appears.

Listening to any right winger try to blame this all on the left or explain why everybody being able to buy health insurance is going to destroy our nation (when every other civilized country already does it) is enough to cause a leftie or moderate to feel their head exploding!

Listening to the right, all you get are their talking points and those talking points should convince all thinking Americans to vote totally Democratic in 2014. Seriously you want to send leaders to DC to destroy government which means interstate highways, food inspection, monitoring of airports, national parks, SS, Medicare, food stamps, etc.?

As best I could tell after listening to Limbaugh, who obviously has never missed a meal, the whole goal of this shutdown is to destroy. Starvation would be healthy for people.

What we are seeing is terrorism with those who have no real love for this country having been given enough power that they can destroy what they claim to love. Didn't this country start out with the majority voting for what would be done and how did one group get the idea it's all about using anarchy to gain their own ends when they cannot convince voters their ideas make sense?

There used to be a GOP but right now fear is governing all they do, fear of someone running for their secure seats and with fewer of them than ever, less and less people dictate their party positions. It's time for the rest of America to figure this out and make 2014 a rallying cry. If you are afraid of Democrats controlling it all for two years, you should have thought of that when you voted in those ridiculous excuses for legislators-- men and women who have no clue what that even meant other than ending government other than military.

Yes, it looks like they resolved the immediate issue of shutdown and raising borrowing, but we should not forget all the time and wasted money that went into it-- 2014!

the Ana River in Southern Oregon


Tabor said...

Off course, you are correct. Run away liberalism is not a good thing, but I think the wingnuts have convinced us that Ideologues with guns and Bibles are far more dangerous! Progress always occurs in the middle.

Rain Trueax said...

I agree, Tabor. The frustration is we can't get a third party off the ground which I think would be socially liberal and economically conservative and by that I don't mean cutting off the poor but rather doing what we can pay for. Voting right now for a third party doesn't work as the issues are too critical and the cost of losing, as many states discovered, way too high.