Tuesday, October 29, 2013

exceptionalism at what!

You can rah rah all you want about how wonderful you are. There can be bragging about exceptionalism galore-- but exceptional at what? Don't we need to do some serious thinking about this. We are such a socialist state NOT!

Yes, we have a beautiful nation. What did we do to deserve that? Half of us fought against creating any of our wonderful national parks and even today would gut them and turn them private if they got half a chance. Where exactly is the tea party taking us as it does seem their philosophy is governing a lot of what is happening!

Moderates better wake up. Take a look at where what is claimed is moderation is actually taking us. A moderate conservative today would have been an extremist thirty years ago. And take a look at the farthest right-- and all you see are promises of anarchy.

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la peregrina said...

That babies death rate is shocking.