Saturday, October 12, 2013

Americans better figure it out

On the road, I listen to talk radio when I can get it which in my state, with the exception of Portland, means right wing. I heard one pundit who made a lot of sense-- his callers ripped him for it. Michael Medved is right wing, believes in conservative causes, but his way to win would be to use logic to convince voters to support leaders who have those values.

What will be interesting in 2014 and '16 is who does the best job in getting leaders they believe are correct. When I hear someone compare health insurance for all as the equivalent of slavery and that person is a black, I not only shake my head but think Americans better figure out who they believe is right.

Is it good to have some who only see a doctor in an ER or do we want maintenance health care for all? 

How about the fear talk that the government will be deciding who gets health care-- when currently it's the corporations? 

This is what is going out over right wing radio and the callers are further out than the hosts. I heard Medved try to reason with them but their hate of Obama has them not able to use logic or reason. They can't even listen and when he asks them a reasonable question, they go back to the talking points they got from the rightie hosts who only use emotion.

Medved said something else that made sense. How much courage does it take to stand against the rhetoric of the right if you are a conservative pundit? Zero. So when Limbaugh and his ilk are out there cheering blocking a family with an epileptic child from future health insurance purchases, when he only caters to the part of the tea party who don't even understand that this law is not about going to a doctor but about being able to buy insurance at a reasonable price, he doesn't have to be brave. He just has to bloviate! He's good at that.

Think about it hard right now for who you want to support in 2014 because these people are--

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Kay Dennison said...

"YOLO Conservatism" Is that synonymous with 'batsh*t crazy'?

I'm not even going near that kool-aid!