Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Some good things

Some good news-- Prop 8 Unconstitutional  Now it will head to the Supreme Court and anybody's guess for what that will mean given how that court has done on other issues.

The Komen controversy should not be over even though the veep behind it has resigned. There was a reason that woman was hired. There have been a lot of other questionable things about them not being the best, most effective tool for fighting breast cancer. Their fight to block anybody from using-- for the cure-- is only one example of their desire to make money for their upper management people and gain power more than find a cure for cancer. Find other places to donate for breast cancer research.

The good news there is that Americans cared about Planned Parenthood and maybe are beginning to get what the right will do if they gain power in terms of individual rights. Right wingers talk a lot about how important freedom is-- but it's only their freedoms they respect. I think this is all good for the race for President as even though people are concerned about jobs, they also don't want to go back to the Fifties for back alley abortions.

And I do think Americans support gay rights for marriage. Whether the Supremes decide one way or the other, this is a change that is coming as more and more Americans see it makes sense.

We on the left are not trying to tell people who don't believe in abortion to have one. We are not trying to say they must marry someone of the same sex. We are trying to tell them that their religion should not dictate our choices. Hopefully there are enough of us who do remember the back alley days and do respect that marriage should be between two consenting adults and not someone else's church.


la peregrina said...

Hear, hear!

Ingineer66 said...

Two topics for why I am a bleeding heart conservative. I used to be a civil union supporter, but during the Prop 8 campaign I changed my mind to full support for same sex marriage.

Has Obama changed his position yet or is he still against gay marriage? Funny how he had the same position as John McCain, but only McCain was attacked for it.

Rain said...

Obama says he's working on it, but I think what hurt McCain and I believe cost him the election was choosing Sarah Palin. IF someone truly is supportive of say gay rights, they don't pick an extreme rightie to run as their veep. With independents, that said a lot and likely cost McCain the votes there while he got the extreme righties which he'd have had anyway-- where else did they have to go? Obama has a lot of positions where he doesn't run far left which is why liberals think it's so funny when the right tries to claim he's a socialist or so far left. He's not far enough left for most liberals-- and gay marriage would be one of those areas. He did though end DADT which will be put back in effect if any of the righties win in November even though the military is fine with it as it is from everything I've read.

Ingineer66 said...

I have not heard anything about DADT from my military family members, but I have not asked either. I suspect it will take a while for any real change to be seen.