Thursday, February 02, 2012

Romney's Mask

What Romney said is he didn't have concern for the poor because they had all these safety net programs. He is trying to walk all the way around that statement now; but IF you read the whole context, it's even worse than the single sentence alone.  He simply doesn't get it on a ton of levels.

Romney seems to believe or lied about it that there is a safety net out there that lets people live a life of poverty with dignity. Heck if you have food on the table, scanty though it might be, that's enough, right?

The thing is, many aren't in those so-called safety nets. You hear their stories every day. BUT even if they were, doesn't he get it that it's not a good way to live. We do have a problem in this country with poverty but also with ignorance among the 'haves' who have no compassion for those who don't.

The poor need help to get out of poverty, to find work that enables them to live an independent life. Does he realize how many are living without that today? Living from job to job but without security, with no benefits? Living without enough insurance or any to cover disastrous happenings? Those who are rich or have insurance as part of a good job really don't get it what it's like to live with such insecurity.

Now I won't say he doesn't as a person care about the needy. The thing is what kind of programs does he believe in other than through his religion? He donates a lot, but most of it went to a religion that dictates you must donate.

Andrew Sullivan brought up something interesting on Romney and why he seems so inauthentic to many of us. He said it's referred to as the Mormon Mask. Not every Mormon out there wears it; but those who rise in the church, as Romney has done, they do wear it as you know if you have been around them. It is trained into them; and you do not become a Stake President or a Bishop, as Romney has done, without it. They are basically prototypes for what success must look like.

Reading some of what he did when he was a religious leader in his community, yeah, he was out there with the poor-- dictating what they must do. As Bain did when it would take over a company and demand their values which they saw as the ones that led to success.

The Mormon Mask which is doubtless a human mask also that he uses anywhere he can be observed, probably explains the flip-flops. He will say whatever he must to to be accepted, to fit the role he must, and to gain personal power.

Who knows what he would do once in power except he has said he doesn't believe in entitlements. He had to say that now, of course, since he needs the nomination in a party who doesn't believe in them-- even if they get them themselves.

Rush Limbaugh got the problem from the right with what Romney said, why they don't trust him. Those like Rush do not want a safety net for anybody. They consider it to be the problem in this country. When they don't consider something else to be it--

Marco Rubio supported Romney heavily in Florida probably with the hope he will be selected as his running mate. Here's what Rubio believes about personal freedom--  Marco Rubio-- America cannot fulfill its destiny unless it ends abortion. Basically what he is saying is that American must accept a religion's definition of its destiny (which would probably be Romney's view too even though different religions).

That is what Republicans want to give this country-- the very dictatorship over personal lives they claim is the threat from the left.

Who is Romney behind his mask? Can we take a chance to find out? Independents and dissatisfied lefties better look long and hard at the alternative before they sit this next election out!

Update: I just had to add. *drum roll* Trump just endorsed Romney. So that will give him seven more votes...


Kay Dennison said...

I can't risk Romney nor any other Republican candidate!!! To do so, for me, would be suicidal!

la peregrina said...

Well, Rain, you have explained why I found the look on his face and the tone of voice just as disturbing as his words at the time. I did not see or hear any compassion on his part at all.