Thursday, February 16, 2012

Really? You really want to go there???

At one time I would have thought our country was moving ahead on social issues, with more willingness to let individuals make their own moral choices where it came to sexuality where it didn't harm others (i.e. no rape or sex with those underage). It seems that was wrong. We've regressed to a point that this can happen:

To be honest, no matter how low I thought Republicans had sunk, they keep surprising me by going lower. For a woman like me, born in 1943 and who came of age just as the pill was coming into general use (Right before I got married, I got my first prescription for the pill from Planned Parenthood along with my first pelvic health exam), this group, using the argument of freedom of religion, going after the right for women to easily get birth control, it has me shaking my head. Obviously, since right wingers want power, they somehow think shouting freedom of religion and making birth control questionable morally is a winning issue. When this bunch isn't busy using religion, they turn to patriotism to take away the freedom of others. Fascism at its finest.

If I say that my religion says I should do drugs to talk with my god, will the Republicans back me? You can bet not. How about if my god said I should blow up a building? No way.  But somehow where it comes to giving women control over their own bodies, that's an area they must take a stand. Seriously???

Since the same number of Catholic women use birth control as do non-Catholic women (also have abortions) the all male hierarchy of the Catholic Church has not convinced even women in their church. Yet they want to allow their businesses to deny women contraception as supposedly being about religious freedom (obviously theirs not the women who might want to buy it). And this is about right wing religious fanatic businesses which has included pharmacies refusing to sell contraceptives.

Religious freedom means you can choose to not use a contraceptive if you want. You can have twenty kids if you want. But it doesn't mean you can deny your children insulin if they are diabetic. There are limits to how we see religious freedom. When someone's religion dictates bigotry toward another race or gender, it's no longer just about religious freedom.

Religious freedom should mean freedom for and from religion.

The Republicans, wanting power, think Americans will buy this religious angle as a way to deny women contraceptives and push the Catholic Church's religious rules onto all of us. They see it as a winner to hurt Obama with religious folks. If it turns out it is, which I find unlikely, what does that mean we are as Americans?  Are we heading back to a Puritan era where religious leaders dictate all of our choices under threat of law?

When Obama compromised on the birth control by saying the church didn't have to pay for the contraceptives, but an insurance company still did, that wasn't enough to satisfy those like Issa, who is having a hearing on the subject, hearing that denies anybody a voice who doesn't take the Catholic Church's position.

Hey, I am fine with people like Santorum and Gingrich to be Catholic. I support their right to gather together with other believers; to believe that wine turned into blood for the communion; believe their Pope is infallible when he puts down edicts like about birth control; for them to believe religious leaders should not be married. I support Mormons to believe they can turn into a god on another planet someday. I wouldn't even care if they wanted to go back to polygamy (if it wasn't forced onto women). It doesn't bother me that Mormons like to baptize dead people because I don't believe it has any meaning that they do it.

What I am not fine with is putting those religious beliefs and rules onto the rest of us or even their own people by force. Then it is no longer about religious freedom. It's a dictatorship run by the same old boys who used to burn witches and stone to death gays. The word freedom doesn't fit when someone wants to force their religious values onto everybody under the law. The only freedom that person values is their own.


Celia said...

Thank you Rain, for your eloquent commentary.

Rain Trueax said...

This is just amazing to me. I just saw this article on what Santorum's money man said-- Aspirin a birth control method. These guys simply don't get it that a lot of birth control is in a marriage where people do not want more children. The more I hear from these yahoos the angrier it makes me! I knew this kind of mentality was out there but honestly thought it would not get this kind of fame or power.

Ingineer66 said...

You know what they call people that use the Rhythm Method don't you?

Parents. Ba-dump-bump

Robert the Skeptic said...

Rick Santorum wants to impose his version of Christian Sharia Law into place in this country. Yet another reason why the Evangelicals should be referred to as our "Christian Taliban"... they have so much in common!

Kay Dennison said...

As always, you are right with me in my thoughts. When the Pope issued his encyclical on birth control, I and millions of other Catholic women simply did what we thought best for ourselves and our families. My kids (2) went to Catholic school for their primary grades and most families had two or three children -- one of my friends on hearing that one of the school committee moms was expecting her 8th, said, "There are good Catholics and there are smart Catholics." and we all laughed. When I went to Catholic school as a child, most families had at least three and the only reason ours didn't was because my mom kept having miscarriages.

ainelivia said...

well said Rain, as a recovering Catholic I wholeheartedly agree... as I answered the question on Facebook that asked about my religious views: "I view religion from a distance, safest place..."