Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Hohum, it's Romney... Big surprise.

It is hard to have much enthusiasm for writing here because I am mostly disgusted by the whole thing. Florida proved money talks but what does that tell us about the future of politics in this country? The way Gingrich blew the last two debates makes me wonder if he got paid off. It's not as though I am a Gingrich fan. Yeah, I get that he's not reliable but seriously, Romney is?

I do like what I hear about Obama's direction for the military where it's more strategic strikes by groups like SEALs and Delta Force. They go in, go fast, and hit what they want for the most part. There will be failures but a better alternative is to ignore the terrorists and pirates? Or send in our whole military?

It's clear that this direction for the military is not just Obama's idea. It has been used more and more under him though. Is it all pluses? Not necessarily considering this is often very secretive which enables a government to do things the rest of us might not approve. Still the alternatives don't look good to me.

Right now it looks like Romney will be the Republican nominee based on money and backing of the establishment. They have done the same number on Paul and Gingrich that they did on Perot years ago.  If anybody looks close to changing the game, there are ways to deal with them. Money comes first. We won't like what comes next.

It doesn't have to work-- the money that is. Americans can quit paying attention to those slick ads. They could but so far, they aren't. Whose fault is that?

For anyone with the energy to read more about who Romney is-- [Romney-- I'm not concerned about the poor]. Yeah, we hear and believe you, Mitt. You're not concerned about the middle either, but they just have more votes!


Celia said...

Thanks for your voice on this, I agree but am not so organized and literate in saying so.

Ingineer66 said...

Do you really think Romney is less concerned about the poor than Obama is? Obama wants to buy their votes, but is he really concerned about them as much as he is concerned about his elitist Hollywood and Academia friends.

Rain said...

Obama has infuriated the elite in Hollywood if you pay attention to for instance his stand on the piracy issue. The Hollywood elite aren't that united, plenty of them are Republicans like Clint Eastwood. So I don't think he's got them in his pocket. As for whether he cares for programs to benefit the poor more, there is no doubt. Romney is totally into a certain mindset. BUT what we are talking about here is what Romney SAID. It's him and not just once but many times. it's about whether he would put forth programs for training people or so many other things that might help them and not his rich friends. When it comes down to it though, you never know what he will do if he wins. None of us do. We know what the Republicans think they are electing him to do!