Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Hiatus

For anyone who has been reading this blog and not Rainy Day Thoughts, I wanted to let you know that until after our November 2012 election, this blog is more or less going to be closed down with all political thinking moving to Rainy Day Thoughts .

There are several reasons for this but the main one is I feel the coming election is too important to not write about the issues in the blog that gets the most traffic. We in the United States will be looking again at issues we thought we had long ago settled-- at least on the left. They are all back and in full force.

So Things goes on a hiatus until then. If you are interested in my thinking on politics and issues (as well as countless other things) and haven't been there, please bookmark

and not only visit but comment-- agree or disagree with the subjects. I think a healthy discourse is good and that takes openness but also to stay away from nastiness or threats. I have felt we did that here and know anybody coming from here to Thoughts will treat it likewise.

You know we on the left don't always see things the same way; but when we openly share our thinking, I believe it helps strengthen us, and I do believe we need to be strong to keep our country strong.

Likely after the election, I'll be posting here again as I do like to generally keep Thoughts out of politics-- except when it matters so much.

Some might think these issue are only about our country but they really are not. The world is going through a huge transition both economically, climatically and socially.  Who knows how it'll all end up but we need to be thinking about these things and the long-range consequences. I really appreciate the regular readers here as mostly you are people who do care about politics a lot. Hope you join me in Thoughts for a lot of discussions between now and November.

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hello iv had to re-register! what a pain-heres that link again pm me if you get stuck