Saturday, January 07, 2012

Two questions for Romney

Right now it seems the right wing candidates are all about subterfuge. They'll say what the voters want (well not Santorum or Paul who I think both really do say what they believe and that's good or bad depending on how you feel about what they believe) and say it in such a way that it won't have to impact what they do once in office.

Where it comes to Mitt Romney he keeps telling Americans he will bring them jobs but never how he'll do it just he knows how and the proof is he's a rich man and ran a big corporation that did something about jobs (more on that later).

Romney's success also came from his advantage in coming from a wealthy family which always helps with networking. What are the ideas he suggests that really would get jobs for average Americans that would stop the bleeding of jobs overseas?  Or would he do anything about regulating the kind of corporations that were part of getting us into the fix we are? When someone makes all their money out of managing money, it can make a lot of dollars for investors but what does it do for jobs?

It's evident that Romney will say anything to get elected including lie-- Romney on Boeing and the truth of it.   There are, however two major points on which he doesn't say much if anything.

First one is how will his religion impact his decisions as a president?

We have gone through this before with Roman Catholics (although not Mormons). 
The first time we had a Catholic run, it was a big deal. John F. Kennedy said his religion would not impact his decisions. He said the Pope would not run America. We know that although Kennedy attended church, he was not sanctimonious about it (to say the least). Same thing with John Kerry and with the same answers. Neither were fundamentalists. They both however ran as Democrats where being a fundamentalist is no virtue.

Now we have two very religious, fundamentalist Roman Catholics and a Mormon. We know about Santorum. His religion dictates everything and he proudly avows he would allow it to dictate it for the whole country with favoring laws that used religion as their basis. I don't know if Gingrich would do the same thing but he speaks very fundamentalist at the moment at least because that's who he needs to have vote for him.

But Romney, as a Mormon, a very fundamentalist Mormon it would appear since he has served as a ward bishop and stake president, how would his religiosity impact him as President of the United States? Would the President of the Mormon Church be dictating policy positions where it comes to morality? Has Romney even been asked about that?

You know Mormonism has some very odd beliefs that fly in the face of scientific knowledge (as do many fundamentalist religions). Mormonism teaches their male leaders can become gods themselves on other planets. Does Romney believe all that? It would seem impossible that he didn't given how high he has risen in the church. Would it impact his decisions as a president?

Being a god on another planet is a pretty big deal and might even trump being a president on this one; so the pressure to conform to the Mormon faith might be even more powerful than the Roman Catholic pressure which can only offer crowns in heaven.

So shouldn't Romney be asked about his religion and how it would impact his job? Why isn't he being? How much of what Mormonism teaches does he swallow? They have changed some of their beliefs thanks to their God giving the direct word to their president that for instance blacks didn't carry the mark of Cain. Did Romney believe that when it was the church doctrine?

Many years ago I remember arguing with a very nice Mormon young man in Tucson about that. He more or less took the view that whatever he might personally think about its fairness, it was doctrine, came from God that it had to be true, and hence he accepted it as truth.

Does Romney believe that the truth of Jesus and God was lost due to the sins in the religious organizations from the time of Christ. Literally it was lost and required Joseph Smith with his magic glasses and the Book of Mormon to recover it? He would pretty much have to, wouldn't he? I know most fundamentalists ignore facts and science is secondary for what is truth? What does that mean when the President of the United States feels that way?

Okay, second big question has two parts-- how Romney made his money and the related question of why he won't release his federal tax forms. Keep in mind he made most of his fortune from Bain Capital which became a company that managed leveraged buy-outs. Do you know how despicable leveraged buy-outs really are? They use money they don't have to buy up companies which they often then demolish or destroy for their resources.

Big companies even like HP used to have to make sure they had sufficient debt to protect themselves from these vultures. And vultures is what this is with its usual eventual loss of jobs. Tell me how ironic this is that a man who actually savaged jobs now runs as a man who can grow them when what he really grew was stock market profits.

As for the second part of why he won't release his tax returns, it can't really be because he doesn't want us to know how wealthy he is or how he made his money. People do know that. Although they might not have thought how someone who made their money that way will help grow jobs. Anyway I've come up with two possibilities for why he won't release his tax returns.

One is he doesn't want the average voter to realize that with the current tax laws, his payment of taxes is considerably below, rate-wise, what you might expect. Maybe he has this big income and he pays a tiny amount of it in taxes. When you watch him smirk over it, when asked, that seems one excellent possibility. So he's out there wanting lower tax rates when he already maybe has them and doesn't want the country to know it. That's one possibility.

There is a second possibility. Maybe he's not paying the Mormon church the 10% of his gross income that they demand of their members in good standing. I guess he wouldn't want his church to know that, would he? Now if he's a fundamentalist Mormon, he would be paying that full tithe. That relates to the first question regarding how much his religion would impact his job as President.

Why has he been let off the hook on releasing these facts? Usually when people run for the presidency, we do know their religious values and how they will impact their job. We knew that with Lieberman when he ran with Al Gore for Vice-President. He was an orthodox Jew and would observe the Sabbath very faithfully. I think we had a right to know it.

We should know with Romney too but we are not being told what that would do to his work as president. His work as governor of Massachusetts gives us little clue as he claims he has seen the light since then on things like abortion.  The longer we aren't told, the more chance that he'll be the nominee before Americans find out, if they do even then, and only really find out once he's President of the United States and it's too late to take back the power. Do we really want to become a theocracy? Some of us do but do the majority?

So two questions he should answer. One is releasing or explaining why he won't release his taxes so Americans can understand how he manages his own money since he's telling us he can manage ours better. The other is what will his religion matter to the rest of us?

Or do those kind of questions only matter when it's a Democrat running?

Wikipedia's short biography of Mitt Romney 

Wow, after I wrote this, I was reading through the Daily Beast and came across the following which fits right in. Republicans-- do some research on what you are getting with this guy.

Anti-Romney video attacks Bain Capital work


Ingineer66 said...

Could somebody ask Obama those same questions? Or do we only vet the Republican candidates?

I wish we had a real viable candidate from the Republican party running. I feel like this election is going to be like the last one. We will have a Democrat (Romney) and a Communist (Obama). Maybe Jeb Bush will jump in late.

Rain said...

Are you kidding. Not only has Obama been challenged on everything, the only thing they can really say he didn't put out was his grades from Columbia University. Seriously that mattered???

And how dare you call him a Communist. What evidence do you have for such a horrible accusation? Most Democrats are mad that he hasn't done enough to take care of the citizens. It's ridiculous to say such a thing and frankly some would use it as grounds for using violence against Obama. He hasn't come close to that kind of thing. Even the health care bill is not about the government doing it but about it being thrown to corporations. Excuse me but he's too much Wall Street for most tastes and Romney a Democrat. That's equally insulting!!!

If Jeb Bush jumped in, you'd find out a lot more than you imagine right now about what he's done also. None of them by that point are lily white.

Rain said...

I can't get over your considering Romney to be a Democrat. Democrats favor environmental protections, gay marriage, freedom of choice regarding abortion, freedom of use of birth control without government blocking it. Romney even favored Mississippi's Personhood Bill. He is the man of Wall Street and corporations. I don't know if that's Republicans. Lately it seems to be. Obama is getting a lot of support from Wall Street too but Romney is definitely their guy. Not only that but he seems to favor going to war in Iran which although that might be Obama for all I know, it's sure not what Democrats generally want.

Ingineer66 said...

Romney favored all of those things when he was governor of Massachusetts. He is a moderate. Which is what all you on the left say you want until you actually get one running for President. Kind of like when McCain ran. He was the greatest thing since sliced bread while W. was President then when he runs, he is horrible.

Obama is not a true Socialist but he is for a big central government with little citizen input or legislative input. He may not technically be a Communist party member but from most of his actions including the recent non-recess, recess appointments and his rule enforcement of bills that cannot pass in Congress to his violation of the War Powers Act, it appears that he wants to rule by fiat in a similar fashion to China or the Soviet Union.

Rain said...

Your logic always amazes me. Recess appointments were fine when it was Bush. Do you know why he did it? The Republicans were once again not allowing an up or down vote for the nomination. They were filibustering it as they have everything and you know why? Not because they objected to that guy but because they not only don't want Obama to have any successes (no matter who it hurts) but also they want to change the law that was already voted on. If anybody wants a dictatorship, it's Republicans with their fascist techniques.

Romney said he has since seen the light. You don't believe him? Shocking and yet you'd trust him to be president?

AND Obama has had too much of an attempt to work with the Republicans, too much compromise on things like health care. Frankly the way righties think amazes me.

It's not like I am thrilled with Obama but it's because he's been too soft, not too hard.

The issue here though is Romney. Have you read all he's done? Read some of his actual record and then ask yourself how he will benefit the little guy. He'll be great for those who want the stock market to do well probably but jobs-- pffft. There is no proof he's ever been good for jobs.

I really have no idea where you get your information but it has to be from hard right sources as very little of it has facts of actual acts behind it...

My concern here though is that Romney will be the Wall Street president. That's who runs his PACs and is behind him. Do you really think that will help you?

Rain said...

And in my opinion, Romney is no moderate. He's one of the more dishonest men we have had running for president and that takes a lot. Who knows what he'd be once he got in. And he very much is a Mormon. Do you really know what they believe, how their President gets direct mandates from God that the Mormons must believe? Seriously, you want that for a president? At least with Huntsman, he's more a Mormon in name only although he is a very strong conservative, probably more so than Romney where it's a good guess what he is..........