Sunday, January 22, 2012

Something from Farm Boss about what we face in this country.


The link is from Google news, referencing an Obama question to Steve Jobs. The answer is eye opening. For consumer electronics and other items where manual assembly or fast changing product mixes are needed... the jobs will go to the factory warehouses. Nothing is new there.  It is a reality for the time being.

This describes the industrial problem completely.. warehouses of trained, low cost, 'happy slaves'. We(Americans) should be very worried or glad to be maids and care takers, because the war is over..America just does not know it at the 'workingman level'   For 10,000 units a day and change every 6 weeks products..consumer phones, cameras, etc..China, Korea and Thailand have it ALL
 The only hope is small distributed local design and manufacturing.

It is not totally different from a GM plant in the Brazilian jungle , with a government built port to export autos and auto parts, with the workers happy to have a "sponsored" apartments to live in.. vs no jobs, or mill towns and company stores in the American south or pacific northwest.

Here's the thing-- the only thing Romney knows how to build for jobs is this way where it's all about investments for the richer among us. How do his solutions fix your jobs?


Kay Dennison said...

It doesn't and therein lies the problem and no one in the GOP cares because corporations are people and they pay their freight.

I'm not a hateful person by nature but I'm really starting to hate the Republican party.

wally said...

It was stated that Apple makes $400,000 profit for each employee. I know the CEO’s of those companies are geniuses in their own eyes, but it is the productivity of the employees that make that profit possible. At that much per worker they could afford to house them in mansions instead of dormitories and still male a profit. The fact that Chinese culture places no value on an individual life makes if possible to enslave groups of people, and housing workers in dormitories, paying them $17 a day and requiring them to be available 24 hours a day is nothing less than slavery.

Rain said...

And yes for someone like Romney and yes, Steve Jobs, it's all about enhancing their own wealth. The concern for the individual can only be gained through power and that requires unionization which is what the right is fighting to end effectively. Individually even in this country we don't have power. It takes us in a group whether that's the Tea Party or OWS. The middle class was not created by wealthy people, who fought against it, but rather unions which are now demonized by the right wing because at times they also abused their power. The answer is still unite together for power but do it watchfully as no group gains power without being potentially corrupted by it.

When you read the stories about the companies that Romney's groups took over, places that people earned a decent living, made a product, but more could be made for the wealthiest by ending those companies, cannibalizing their factories, sending their jobs overseas or into stores like Staples where they pay lower wages, you have to wonder what Romney means when he says he can create jobs for Americans. Maybe the right wing needs to ask-- what kind of jobs?

Robert the Skeptic said...

Republican followers mindlessly repeat "jobs.. jobs..." just like Zombies mindlessly repeat "brains.. brains...".

There is an ongoing and permanent shortage of both.

Ingineer66 said...

I disagree somewhat with your comment Rain. The middle class was not created by unions. It was created by Henry Ford, a wealthy business tycoon. He paid his employees well enough that they could buy the cars that they were assembling. Unions lead to the expansion of the middle class and are now partially responsible for the degradation of it.