Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Romney by a nose

 Spending any time listening to speeches by the current crop of Republican front runners is very depressing. Pretty much if you pay attention to statistics, Romney only started to have a chance to win Iowa (which he barely did by 8 votes when only around 100,000 Republicans bother to spend the night in a caucus), was when he got even nastier about Obama and let his perfect haircut get windblown.

It appears Republicans want casual looking guys until they get in the White House where they better wear suits every time they do anything in the Oval office and they want red meat-- hate talk. It's funny as they say Iowans turn on anybody who uses nasty ads. Maybe that's so but they sure like the nasty speeches against Obama. If they are lies, it seems to work just as well as do they bother to check anywhere on what these guys say?

The further this thing with the Republicans goes the worse it looks. I mean there isn't one of them who would not shaft Americans who have different religious values from theirs. There isn't one of them who has any idea why we have a government and how to make it work better. They all want to take away health coverage help for lower income Americans, and if you happen to have a child born with a serious chronic illness, pffft to you. Except for Ron Paul, their idea of American exceptionalism is fight wars overseas. I am just amazed that this is what Republican voters want anywhere. Yes it doesn't say it is what Iowans want as this was just the Republican party but what has happened to that party?

And Santorum, who nearly won, he would let states ban birth control. He would send us back to the 50s or maybe the Dark Ages. There would be no rights for people on the area of sexual morality while he claimed all the rights for the corporations. Honestly these dweebs are the best the right can deliver? Read how Santorum appeals to Iowans on welfare abuse using black people as the main ones who receive it. Santorum on entitlements and black people . Seriously you don't think that is a racist line?

People on the right are worried about Obama as a secret Muslim and wanting to destroy the United States for some hidden agenda of his own; but do they pay any attention to what they are offering as an alternative? They claim they believe in freedom and yet would use fear and religion as a way to take more freedom from Americans than Obama could dream of wanting.

As a leftie, I am depressed that a good alternative isn't being presented from the right. And if anybody tells me that good alternative is Romney, I suggest they look at his record. Gingrich didn't exaggerate it. The more I listen to Romney, the worse he seems. Gingrich isn't wrong. Romney is a ruthless liar. He smiles with a pretty face but he is using his corporate experience as evidence he can run this country when he fired people as his way to gain more money for himself and it appears he's about to do it for Americans as a whole.

Some Democrats are thrilled at this mishmash of candidates, because they think this will guarantee a win for Obama; but seriously what if one of these trolls won? Do Americans really want this kind of thinking to run our country? Do they want to go  back to the 50s for Civil Rights? Blame others for our problems? Fight a war in Iran (which might come anyway but should it be red meat on a stump speech where Romney virtually guaranteed it without explaining how he'd pay for that one? End all entitlements like Social Security and Medicare, which although not all of them would promise that (Paul would), they all criticize and would make them virtually worthless? Are the right wing Christians so ignorant of their own faith that they think this is what Christ teaches for values?

I am shaking my head and understanding why a lot of people don't want to even read or watch the news right now. This is just plain depressing and not just the candidates but the reason they are there and who is supporting them. Doesn't the right wing have anybody else to run to save the day for us all-- right or left? I realize no rightie will please me with their corporation first attitude, but there are lesser evils among them... aren't there? Or has the far right so taken over that party that there is nothing but what we now see on their debate stages? Seriously? That's all there is?


MerCyn said...

It is unfortunate moderate Republicans are pushed to the sidelines by the far right. Hopefully the pendulum will swing back sooner rather than later. Pennsylvanians threw Santorum out of the Senate in 2006 - they had enough of his ideas eg - intelligent design should be taught in schools. Is it too late for an alternative Republican candidate?

Kay Dennison said...

I'm still trying to figure out why Iowa is such a big deal. The odds on the winner getting elected is slim if history is any indication.

Sanity has left the building. I'm just going to campaign for Obama and pray a lot!

la peregrina said...

Black people need to get off the gravy train and get a job? From an ABC News blog:

Nationally, 43 percent of those who received Medicaid in 2009-2010 were non-elderly white Americans, compared to Hispanics, who comprised 28 percent...and blacks at 22 percent.

Santorm also said:

I was talking to someone who works in the Department of Public Welfare here, and she told me that the state of Iowa is going to get fined if they don’t sign up more people under the Medicaid program...

First there is no Department of Public Welfare in Iowa. Medicaid is under the Department of Human Services. And, second, Huma Kahn, the blogger at ABC, had this to say about the "fine" Santorum is talking:

Iowa, like other states, receives federal reimbursement for the money it disburses in Medicaid fees. There is no quota system or target that the state has to meet in order to be eligible for federal money. The amount of money that each state receives is dependent on its economy.

Don't any of the Republican candidates check to see if the information their campaign advisers are feeding them is accurate let alone true? Never mind, that was a rhetorical question.

Rain said...

The link I had in the blog went into Santorum's using that. I tell you what depresses me more than these guys though is the ones who would vote for them. What is going on?

And especially the youth. They say they go for Ron Paul in a big way because he is against paying taxes and fighting wars anywhere. But they won't like so much his social positions. Not that they will take the time to learn those. Are we raising a bunch of selfish kids in this country who don't want to work or pay for anything? I thought they were a better generation in terms of being informed. seems not so much. Too much American Idol, Survivor and Dancing with the Stars maybe?

Kay Dennison said...

Most of the young people I know don't make enough to pay taxes and are buried under student loans. A large percentage are working 2-3 part-time jobs.

Rain said...

He also favors legalizing drugs ;) But whatever their reason is, they are Paul's biggest fans at least in Iowa. The idea that he would end SS and Medicare (if he could) pretty well doesn't impact them.