Thursday, January 26, 2012

Oh it's legal-- but is it ethical? Presidential?

How can Americans seriously think about electing a man who has benefited and wants to be president to benefit even further from unethical tax laws? Seriously, this is okay?

Pretty much, this is what we figured when he didn't want to declare his returns. And then when he set it up for just the last two years. This man is just as unethical as Newt Gingrich but just a lot slicker and playing on a much higher playing field.

He comes down on Gingrich for working for Freddie and Fannie. Oh that's true. Gingrich did. He's small potatoes though from Romney who benefited from it all and now smirks over it. These men created these laws to supposedly help Americans with jobs while men like Romney underpay their maids and start up companies that enable them to pay everybody minimum wage when before they might've owned the companies or worked for living wages.

Really? How dumb are Americans?

The guys behind Romney are like him, and they want not only these laws continued but increased because the small amount they do pay in taxes, it's still too much for them. Their pure desire is to see the poor suffer while they bask in wealth most people couldn't imagine, wealth they made through manipulations. Seriously, this is the best the Republicans can do?

What is happening to our country, to the working people should be enough to make Americans cry as big companies take over small ones and fire the employees, bringing in new people they can pay less or sending the jobs overseas.

Daniels talks about all the jobs Apple created. Yeah, impressive. 60,000 or so in the USA and overseas-- 400,000. Yes, it's legal. But ethical? And really one of them should be president of this country?

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