Monday, January 16, 2012

Andrew Sullivan on Obama's 'real' record

If you are a rightie who hates Obama or a leftie who hates Obama, either way (and both extremes do), please read this link of a defense by Andrew Sullivan with which I agree. And if you read it and don't like it, put out some facts here as to where it's wrong. Bait and switch gets us nowhere. Looking at the facts regarding Sullivan's claims-- which are wrong?


Ingineer66 said...

Even Sullivan agrees with me that Obama waged an illegal war in Libya.
I do agree with many of Sullivan's statements but I take issue with a couple. He said Obama replaced a tongue-tied dauphin with a man of peerless eloquence. I completely disagree with this statement. When Bush spoke from the heart he did just fine, such as when he first visited Ground Zero. When Obama goes off script without a teleprompter he stumbles through words and gets away from his centrist persona that he is trying to present. Such as his encounter with Joe the plumber.

He also said that there has not been a single significant scandal credited to Obama. I guess running guns into Mexico and giving billions to Solyndra are not significant. You can bet they would be if they were done by a Republican President and the Major Media went on the attack. But the media has given Obama a pass on most things.

I also take exception to Sullivan saying Obama is reducing the debt. Obama has increased it faster than any other time in our history. And there is no chance that Obamacare costs what they say it will cost and that it will reduce the debt. They have already revised budget projections for it twice and it has gone up both times.

Rain said...

The charts and figures on Reagan's debt versus that Obama created or carried over from Bush's debt, can be whatever people want to believe. I don't really figure I'll ever convince you as you have made up your mind.

As for Obama not being able to talk without a teleprompter, I've seen plenty of interviews with him from even Fox commentators and he speaks just fine off the cuff. Like everybody, including me here or even you, sometimes we speak fast and get something wrong like the number of states we visited and that matters?

It doesn't matter though. You won't vote for him no matter what and the only thing I really can hope to do here is convince some lefties who also are determined they won't. Righties have made up their mind and would rather vote for anything rather than Obama. If they win the election, unlikely, they will get what they deserve because the only candidates they have running are extremists or lying to pretend they are to get economic power over the rest of us. You want backstreet abortions again, ending gay marriage, ending state's rights to allow death with dignity, war with Iran (and Libya wasn't a war but a brief help of the UN. Iraq and Afghanistan are wars as would be Iran if Romney gets his way. You want all tht and lower taxes on the rich while the rest of us lose SS and Medicare, well keep going as you are as you're doing a great job on getting all that if you can convince enough voters. And don't bother saying you don't want to end all abortion. You are voting for those who do! Who are appointing judges who agree with them. It's back to the alleys for girls and women who get pregnant and decide they must end it. It's not a minor issue to women.

Ingineer66 said...

We could elect a Catholic Cardinal President and Roe v Wade would still not be overturned. And you know I agree with you on many of the things you say will happen if we elect a Republican. I don't see most of them happening especially if it is Romney. As far as Iran is concerned, I don't think it matters who wins, either Obama or somebody else will have the same odds of sending the military to deal with them.

Rain said...

It is already changing in state after state. Romney said he would have supported the Personhood bill in Mississippi which would also ban most birth control. What? You think he'd lie about his position? What he has promised to get this nomination makes him a total right wing extremist or a liar.

Rain said...

And you might be right about Iran and whoever is president. I hope you are wrong. We have spilled enough of our people's blood over there and for what? Obama made a mistake by escalating Afghanistan too. We could take out Iran's nuke facilities without putting troops on the ground. Some profit from troops on the ground and they unfortunately are big donors to the right and the left :(