Wednesday, December 07, 2011

What leads to our choices for leaders?

The weird part about Newt Gingrich's surge in the polls is why it's happening. It makes no sense why this ego maniac, of all the disturbing candidates put forth, would be the one Republicans would decide is worthy to be president with all the power that provides to the possessor.

I hear some democrats still saying they want this as he'll be easy to defeat in the election. How can they know that for sure? I mean why would he appeal to the Republicans who now say they want him? To me it's more about the voter, and it always has been, than the candidate. He's a narcissist for sure but why does that appeal? I have to think it's his hate talk that he intersperses in his speeches. It's the reason a certain group wanted Sarah Palin. What is this really all about?

The depressing part is how someone like Gingrich appears to drag down all around them. They bring out the worst in everybody. I heard Jon Huntsman saying he now doubted global warming science after having said not long ago that it was a science not to be doubted. Is evolution next? Doesn't Huntsman get it that it's too late for him to sell out. Seriously, he thinks he can try to out-Gingrich Gingrich. He's kidding himself and he sold out to try for those votes he will never get anyway.

The Republicans have nobody I could support because of their social stands required to get the nomination. No matter how they tried to sound, I'd never trust any of them in this current poisoned atmosphere.  The question is why aren't there quality people to run for the leadership of the most powerful nation in the world. And yes, we are still that but we are sliding down fast because the leaders have forgotten what made us powerful. I doubt Gingrich, with all his arrogant talk of his historic knowledge, ever knew.

Then I got more depressed because I thought if there are no Republicans I'd trust, how about Democrats... Who would I want to have run for the presidency if it wasn't Obama or in 2016? Now that's one to really depress a person.

I am only glad I am doing a lot of research right now and can immerse myself in a different period of history... except you know things really don't change much. Human nature doesn't seem to improve or ever really 'get it' even those who claim to follow a spiritual leader who did 'get it'.


Anonymous said...

Not a statesman in sight...

MerCyn said...

No candidate is ever perfect, but Newt sets a new standard for hypocrisy and double standards. I don't get how people can support a guy who cheats on his wives, was polarizing as a Congressman and did his best to denigrate his opponents. Where are the honest, straight-forward, open minded candidates?

Celia said...

Color me gobsmacked.

Rain said...

I can't believe this. Oh wait, I can. Newt just gets worse and worse. I guess it's who he thinks the Republican party is today. He is on an ego trip and if he gets the presidency one can only wonder where it'll lead. ack! Newt will appoint John Bolton Secretary of State