Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Robber Barons or Job Creators?

One thing I have decided is that Americans have short memories where it comes to history. I have a theory that this comes from having so much information coming at us all the time, that we can only hold so much in our heads.

This is part of why it benefits a certain sector to keep throwing that info fodder out there. It keeps Americans worrying over what team will win the sport's championship or who will be the American Idol champ or Dancing with the Stars big ball winner. keep them thinking about that and whatever smattering they have of history will disappear into the blank morass and what they do know can be easily manipulated.

When Romney came out with calling Obama an appeaser, it amazed a lot of us who know what he's been doing overseas and not necessarily even liking it all. It works though with those who don't have a lot of room in their heads for facts or remembering anything but the latest soundbite. They buy into him being an appeaser because he doesn't go around telling them how exceptional they are. Lovely. Do they realize when you need someone to tell you how exceptional you are, you probably are not? Ah well facts do tend to get in the way of this world of information that really is not.

I got to thinking last night about how Republicans and the Tea Party folk in particular are cheering that the richest Americans get to keep their tax break because they are the job creators; never mind that they aren't creating jobs as that's a fact and facts get in the way of this kind of rhetoric.

Righties apparently are cheering their Congress members who bowed to the Tea Party element who are set on demolishing much of government (except the military or aid to Israel) and protecting the wealth of the richest; so never mind that the average American worker would pay that payroll tax this year that last year they got to keep. Oh the Republicans would have let them keep it too except they didn't want to pay for it by the rich getting a tiny increase.

So I thought maybe it was time to remind people, and I hope anybody who reads this blog will pass on this information, that the way our government was set up with help for the poorest, with tax laws to prevent accumulation of wealth to an obscene level, with programs that helped in job creation was because a certain group of Americans had lived through something today's hasn't yet-- although it's sure coming. It was a time also of accumulation of wealth that led to the Great Depression, breadlines, no jobs, families having to leave their homes to travel for work as migrants. That time coincided with a big drought. Any of this sounding familiar? A refresher course might be had by reading Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck.

I thought perhaps Americans, with their need to keep track of the latest Farmville game or whatever else is doing so well at Facebook, maybe they might need a reminder about how it was in this country before Reagan came along to recreate it.

Robber barons were what they were called them. Today they are the job creators-- the ones who are sending all the jobs they create overseas, you know like Mitt Romney or even everybody's hero Steve Jobs.

There is more but you get the idea. Many of us grew up in school being taught about that era, we had parents who had lived through the Great Depression and told us about it; but then we grew up before 1980 when a new idea took form called Trickle Down where if the wealthy could gain bigger shares of the economic pie, they would then trickle down something to everybody else. Today the men they would have called robber barons are job creators. That's how cleverly this whole thing has been turned around with shills like Rush Limbaugh to fool Americans into thinking they should be on the side of those who an earlier generation would have called robber barons or despots.

We don't have a political dictatorship in this country; and for those who fear the power of government, fear it most when it's sending more and more resources to the pockets of a few and helping to destroy the middle class which was what has helped so many Americans have homes, jobs, and decent lives with a chance for their children to do better than they did.

So it wasn't always done perfectly or even right-- fix it! There was a reason it was as it was and that reason is being illustrated today.

The reason taxes were as they were, that Social Security was created, it was by people who had seen a world that many today are only now seeing. It wasn't until after these policies set in place by Ronald Reagan, that great golden hope of the right wing, took effect, that I saw the first beggars on my own streets.  Now they are everywhere and growing in numbers as even what used to be the middle class is downgraded while those job creators revel in their wealth and power, the power that has them getting the Supreme Court to enable them to donate unlimited funds of money through their PACs without the voters knowing even who they are when they vote.

If you think it's logical that a corporation, made up of many individuals, should be given the status of an ordinary person for donating and amassing power, if you think that, then you aren't likely reading this blog anyway so I am singing to the choir.

My only hope is the choir will get effective and recognize that the Tea Party has blocked the payroll tax break extension because they got in candidates who didn't care what they did to the country and they are united in their purpose. We either do likewise as progressives, or we can kiss off the whole thing as this modern crop of job creators is doing in overseas...


Kay Dennison said...

Hallelujah and Amen!!!

I'm doing my best to get involved and was just at our local Democratic party HG to sign yet another petition and make sure they know they that I will help with the election we are mobilized here. The good news is that the young people who are leading the fight.

la peregrina said...

A robber baron by any other name is still slime.