Thursday, December 08, 2011

Politifact on Gingrich ethics investigation

Not surprisingly, some won't want to read the link at the bottom since Politifact is being so disparaged by the right wing-- as is anybody who doesn't say what they want said. Why would they need any organization investigating whether lies are being told? Far righties would rather count on their talk show hosts to do their investigating followed up by Fox news so fair and balanced.  You know Fox turned out to be such a good name for that station given the old saw about the fox in the chicken house.

So when I heard that Gingrich was saying his ethics investigation was partisan and flawed when he had been fined and reprimanded during the years he was Speaker of the House, I pretty well assume the far right will never look to see if that's true. They hear the name Pelosi and Gingrich will be right, that's all they need to hear. (Keep in mind though that Pelosi isn't speaking to the far right. If she says anything more, she'll be speaking to the middle. 30% will vote for Gingrich no matter what he has done or lies about. The race won't be won or lost by them but rather by the middle).

For anyone though who actually wants to hear the details of that investigation and has not been frightened out of going to [Politifact]  read the link below.

Interestingly enough what Gingrich is talking to Trump about doing with setting up another education apprentice system for kids sounds like he's learned a lot from history. Fascism used the technique in indoctrinating children to the political truth they wanted, and it served to corrupt the minds of a generation enabling Hitler's rise to total control. Anybody who reads this blog knows I see fascism as a lot more of a concern than socialism where most righties don't even know what that political system would entail. 

You know, Trump involved in this campaign-- what is that all about? The only thing more amazing than Gingrich rising so high in Republican polls is that it has become necessary to kiss Trump's .... ring to get the nomination from the Republican party. Who would ever imagine an egomaniac, shill, self-aggrandizer, carnival barker, philanderer would ever rise so high and you can take your pick as to which of them I mean.

It will come as no surprise who Trump endorses for the nomination. The only interesting thing will be whether he really runs as a third party candidate if Gingrich doesn't get that nomination as he has claimed he might.


Celia said...

Thanks for link, I'm posting it on my facebook page.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, May be the U.S. far far better off sticking to Syria's Assad?

Rain said...

I don't think we should support any of these dictators but we are with Saudi Arabia's where they beheaded a 'witch' only a few weeks ago. They keep power by ruthlessness but they are our bad guy, right? The US though used to not go to war over all such things. We took the view that other nations had to work these things out for themselves. Our current budget woes are partly due to the change in that thinking. If we want to send our young people around the world fighting wars, we need to pay for it at the least which didn't happen with Iraq. And their situation without their dictator may not be that much best. Somewhere along the line people must run their own country or we end up permanently occupying and that never proves popular. When we step out though if they turn back to a dictator who turns brutal, what does that say?