Monday, December 19, 2011

Martial Law

Please check this out; and if you agree with the concern, if you have not already, take the time to sign the petitions to stop this travesty.

I had previously gotten the email that gave suggested places to go where we can sign we want the president to veto this bill. The Congress seems bent on giving away all of our Bill of Rights. The president has said he does not want to sign it and wants a lot of weight behind his refusal which petitions will give him. Unfortunately when I went to those sites, after a lot of hassle (yes government at its finest) none of them worked; so I'd suggest writing the White House or if you have a petition that does work, please put it here in comments.

Nobody should want this kind of power given into the hands of government, federal, state or local. Make your views known on it. The quiet mouse ends up in a cage or trap and we are heading there step by step. Ron Paul may not always be right hardly ever is right, but I sure think he is on this one!

For anybody who thinks this kind of thing can never go federal and happen to them, I guess they haven't been watching the news with how the OWS demonstrators have been treated. I have made no secret of not agreeing with allowing camping on public property nor blocking streets or business entrances, but the way the police have often dealt with the issue, the way the mayors have not found places the people can demonstrate without being threatened, has been shocking.

Government does NOT need more power to arrest people just because they want to and without due process. Frightening us into remaining silent is not the way to make a democracy work. What we need are legitimate ways to express our disagreement and be sure voting always works without intimidation from those who would take away liberty in the name supposedly of keeping us safer. In this, both the Tea party as well as the OWS protestors should be in agreement as should the rest of us. People fought for our liberties. Some died for it. Will we stand up for that same cause?


Kay Dennison said...

Why does none of this surprise me?

One thing about Ron Paul is that he does understand the Constitution pretty well.

Hell yeah!!!!!
I'm on board to kill this bill!

Rain said...

The one thing anybody can say about Ron Paul is he is an honorable man. I might think he's wrong on a lot of his policy positions, even on foreign affairs with total isolationism which sounds good but isn't practical in a world like ours, but I can respect him and I do not think he's a nut. The problem with the Republican slate this year is he is about the only one running who I would say that about. They have all sold out one way or another but he stays constant with his values (wrong though they might be in my mind). I mean what's better to elect a dishonorable man you might agree with or an honorable one you do not? Don't we ever get better choices? *s*

Dion said...

Don't get too radical on the blog writing, Rain. You may end up in a FEMA camp built for thousands. The camps are like Hotel California in that you can never leave... It's surreal to think Habeas corpus has been axed by today's democratically elected government. Not hard to believe, but surreal none the less.

Rain said...

i said the same thing when Bush was starting a lot of this. Somebody thinks it's okay when their group has the power but they don't keep it... If more people would speak out against it, maybe they would back off; but too many are afraid-- not to mention we don't agree on a lot of issues. BUT as proud Americans, we should all agree on the Bill of Rights. You'd think anyway. And don't think it hasn't crossed my mind through the years that political speech can prove to be risky. But some died for us to have that right and if we back off out of fear, we don't deserve their sacrifice.

Rain said...

And to hear Gingrich saying he would send out US Marshals to arrest judges who he disagreed with, what is going on that such a demagogue even has a chance at the presidency-- nor should any other political leader. There are ways to deal with times where judges go too far (and sure I think they do) and it's called amending the Constitution or writing laws that correct the problem. Arresting such judges just boggles the mind and this guy is a serious right wing candidate?

Dion said...

When I said "don't get too radical on the blog writing", I was being both facetious and sarcastic, Rain. I believe all of our Constitutional rights are precious. Which is why I support the rights of Occupiers, bad apples and all.

Don't worry, they'll probably round up people in the streets that protest before they come for bloggers in their homes. The powers that be (TPTB) can easily cut off the internet when they want to. Cut of the internet and any other electronic means of communication.

Rain said...

I recognized that, Dion but writers have run into a lot of trouble in the past and even now other places. When I first thought this through as to how I felt about that risk, it was the Bush administration although the same issues arose under McCarthy, Nixon and Reagan. There are some who would stifle freedom of speech through fear talk.

It might sound silly but I debated whether the risk was greater to use my real name here, which would enable a fanatic to come after me, or if it'd be more risk to not use it and be anonymous and allow the government to do it? *s*

I think maybe some of this is genetic (or maybe reincarnated) fear that we carry with us because we know how it is many places in the world and has been everywhere. There are no utopias. Our freedom of speech has come as close as it has been, I think; but freedom of speech is not without cost or risk. In my case, I tend to offend both sides by being a moderate who has views that don't fit either partisan agenda.

I liked what has been said about Hitchens regarding that-- he spoke out against totalitarianism wherever he saw it. That's what I believe is the evil and it can be found in many different forms.

Dion said...

I don't think much of what Newt says. He's not beating Obama, none of them will beat Obama. The powers that be are doing fine with Obama, just like they did when Clinton was the figurehead.

Caught some of C-SPAN's Washington Journal this mourning. A guy named Armstrong Williams was on. He said it best when he said, "this government is offensive." His words rang so true with me. As an American, I am offended and words from Obama are no solace.

Rain said...

I haven't liked too much of anything Armstrong Williams says. People like him profit from taking those extreme views. I believe there is hope but it has to be taking back the House, Senate and being sure the ones we vote for are not Democrats in Name Only like obviously Ron Wyden from my state is.

As encouragment to me, I got an email from and maybe some of you got it also. They offered me backing to run for a mayor's office or state legislature. They said they had money and would put it into my campaign if I wanted to run. Now that is not my thing absolutely and finally but it means they are taking seriously what I also believe-- we have to work to get new people in there. It is up to us to find those who are speaking out in ways we believe and then support them. The Congress is made up of those we elect. If we aren't getting the right ones, is that all their fault or ours also?

I just finished watching Incendies which I will be reviewing in my other blog after the new year. Not like it's Christmas mood viewing; but it shows what a revolution is like. I don't think any of us should want that, not when there is another way-- find new people, those young enough to run for office, and donate to their campaigns with money and work. This government has been ours. It should be ours and if it's not because we didn't work for it, whose fault is that?

I think MoveOn has the right idea. I haven't ever donated to them but am thinking right now that I will in the future as I am guessing they are doing this kind of outreach all around the country. At least that's what I hope

Dion said...

But who can worry about anything now except North Korea (sarcasm).

Rain said...

I've had someone putting posts into my other blog about Syria. Since I don't do politics there (generally), I've not gone with it but that is another problem. Egypt is a long way from stable with the military very iffy for how they will handle continued demonstrations. Remember they basically wanted to get rid of Mubarak but what about now? And then economic problems all over Europe and France being downgraded, etc etc. The world is full of things to fret over but I myself see nothing worse than the continued erosion of our rights as citizens in this country.

With Gingrich going down, it looks like you are right about him not being the rightie candidate. He blames it on his opponents' negative ads but frankly it's more people remembering or learning for the first time what kinds of things he's done as well as wants to do. The one thing to remember though is 20% of Republicans think like him and his suggesting he'd arrest judges who didn't go his way will be right up their alley... He might go away but they aren't.

Dion said...

You misunderstood me, Rain. Newt may indeed win the GOP primary in my opinion. Any of those running in the GOP primary could win the GOP nomination. What I wanted to convey is that the powers that be are happy with Obama. And if the powers that be are happy with Obama, he'll win.

Rain said...

Yes, I didn't get what you meant, but Gingrich is fading in numbers. I think it will likely be Romney which is better although not a lot.

I don't think the people are happy with Obama, not sure who you think the 'powers' are; but the question is what is the alternative? Half the reason Obama won over McCain was Palin. I still believe if McCain had chosen Lieberman, he'd have been president. The problem always is who is the alternative.

I think the alternative this time is get Congress for real progressives. Between Obama and any of the Republican options, he's my choice for sure.

You know the fear over the powers, in the end, they can only vote once. Their influence otherwise is convincing people to vote against their own best interests. People don't have to let that happen. I am not thrilled with him on a lot of levels but I don't see an alternative.

What Americans need to do is take back their Congress and that could be done if people would get real alternatives to run. We don't have to settle for a Nancy Pelosi. There has to be someone else in her district who could oust her as a Democrat. And same with Boehner, McConnell and etc etc. But if we give up, we get nowhere. I don't think we can run an alternative to Obama in '12; in fact I can't even imagine one in the Democrat party who would be better but taking back the House with ordinary progressive candidates, that we could do. If we don't, it'll be because too many people gave up before they started.

Rain said...

And if you haven't seen Incendies, give it a try. Not for the kids but definitely a powerful film about what it's like to live in a country controlled by extremists and in a civil war and what that does to people. It's not an alternative to accept unless there are no others and in this country, there still are others. To me violence usually ends up leading to more violence and the most innocent as the victims rarely the ones everybody would like to see be hurt by the evil they have done.

Dion said...

And if the powers that be are happy with Obama, he'll win.

I should have said, "Obama will win the general election."

And he'll do it without my vote. He doesn't need my vote (or yours), he needs the blessing of the corporate overlords.

Rain said...

And he will be the better of the alternatives but our hope comes with Congress. Who will you encourage to run in your state to change the direction of all this? Somebody who would not support a bill like this one I wrote about here? It's Congress where we need to take back. For now the presidency isn't an option for a difference but there is another place that is.

Dion said...

I've just started an oldie but goldie, audio book. Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World".

I don't do much TV, though I do enjoy a good movie. I'll keep a look out for "Incendies".

Rain said...

Brave New World will not put you in a more optimistic mood but it does lay out the concerns we should feel when we accept an erosion of our rights. Incendies is subtitled, Canadian film, and it really does bring home the world in which some have had to live in terms of totalitarian rule which can come from far left or far right. In this case it was probably based on Lebanon's civil war between Muslims and Christians but I think religion is often just an excuse in such situations. Some people just like brutalizing others when they can.

Dion said...

Obama gives us the illusion of having a choice.

Rain said...

So concentrate on Congress. Get good people to run for legislature and if your senator is up again. Then worry about what can be done with a new alternative for president in '12. I think Obama has made some differences like with don't ask don't tell. But his health care bill didn't really make it better but was all aimed at the insurance industry. The irony is he's more right wing than left and that is the opposite of how Republicans see him who fear he's a total liberal. He's always been in the middle. I don't know that anybody on either extreme could get elected period and that's the will of the people not the wealthy. Americans tend to prefer the middle in general.