Saturday, December 03, 2011

Gingrich is on Gingrich's side

After writing the last blog, I thought I wouldn't be writing about Gingrich again for awhile. This is one of the ickiest men to even think about let alone spend time writing about; but he keeps sinking to lower depths and in this case, it's a depth that attacks the innocent and weak-- right up his alley.

This is perfect for the newt-ster. One he probably knows nothing about the poor and two he knows there is a sizable part of his voting base who also don't but lap that kind of talk up. Truly he doesn't know children of the rich might not learn to work either? He likely knows it but that doesn't play to that base he needs. What he said is exactly what they want to think-- the poor are lazy and do not know how to work.

So what better solution than to have children of the poor cleaning schools instead of going home at night to play (like other children) or doing their homework (the kind of thing that could help them succeed in school). Who needs them to succeed in school, the right wants them taught to be janitors. Likely it's part of the agenda where you have the rich and those who serve the rich. Start training them early for that, right?

Then there is his willingness to lie about how the people on Food Stamps can use them to go to Hawaii. Now it's untrue as anybody who knows how Food Stamps work but you know righties won't check that out. It appeals to their certainty it was happening as did Newt's implying Obama was born in Kenya. Newt can't stoop too low is the simple truth of what he'll do to get power.

I think righties see this all as being supportive of them, but in reality it's another example of Newt's totally ruthless willingness to use the weak mindedness of others to gain power for himself, which in the case of the righties is that this whole economic problem is the fault of the poor.

First of all I do know poor people-- genuinely poor-- and in those cases, at least one parent and often both are working. They are still poor. Think for a bit about what people make on minimum wage, and a lot of those jobs don't have benefits attached or full time employment. The kids grow up with parents not there as much as one might wish because they are out at a job. What Newt said about all the poor educating their children to be thieves or pushers fits right into the fear notions of righties he expects will vote for him. It's cynical to admit or even think he's right, but it appears to be working as he rises in Republican polls.

The thing is never forget who this man is. Righties might think he's on their side but he's only on his own side which is what led him to be impeached for improper behavior when in the House (and no that wasn't about the sex). He's putting poor children into the category of what he'd do and does is my guess.

Poor children need to be encouraged to do their homework, to get good grades in classes like every other student. Teaching people to work is fine-- let all students spend some time working at tasks, but don't label it for the poor or those on welfare even. Those kids didn't get themselves there. We need to find ways to get them out of it and being janitors after school is no better for them than the children of the rich. Or if it's good for one, it's good for them all-- but if you know any children today, you know they have a hard time doing the homework they are assigned with the time they have. So we knock off homework for everybody because after all what will those future generations need to know how to do more than being janitors? Truly, this is the world some righties want; and for those who don't, don't encourage people like that toad.

If you can't stand to vote for a Mormon, I'd say Perry would be better than Newt-- not that he has less questionable connections with lobbyists, but he at least wanted the kids of illegal immigrants, who had been raised here but not born here, to be able to go to college like any other student in his state. Wow, now that's radical! And Perry frankly would be nice to look at for four years, has a good sense of humor, and would be fun at least when he's on his pain pills ;) As an added bonus, his First Lady wouldn't be a proven adulteress who needs a lot of expensive jewelry to keep her happy...


Kay Dennison said...

I couldn't agree with you more!!!!! As usual a great post!!!!

Celia said...

Well said, thanks.

Darlene said...

Newt is ruthless and will say anything to get elected. He knows some of it won't stick, but enough voters are intellectually lazy and will fall for any lie he pompously spews out of his big mouth so he continues to lie emphatically.

He's the guy - remember? - who led the impeachment of Clinton for having sex with a younger woman while he was having sex with one of his own. To make matters worse, his wife was in the hospital undergoing cancer treatment at the time.

Newt, have you no shame? At long last have you no shame sir?

Nance said...

In SC, we have an open primary. It won't help much, but there ARE Democrats and a handful of people with sense here who know that Newt is a dangerous human and he won't just romp through this state with a landslide.

Remember Scott Peck's People of The Lie?

In the end, we liberals won't be deciding who the GOP candidate is. The best we can do is keep talking, keep educating, keep exposing.

Rain said...

Excellent reminder on People of the Lie. It's always the ones who look good and hide their evil actions who are the real evil. They know just how to fake it and drive others over the edge.

Kay said...

What an amazing post! Kay Dennison sent me here. I just can't understand WHY Newt is at the top of the heap. Yes, I realize there's not much to choose from there... but still.