Sunday, November 06, 2011

What We Need in Congress

I don't want this blog to turn into one of links but this is too good to not share as we rapidly approach 2012. I believe very strongly that we have to concentrate on getting Congress fixed no matter who the president is. My guess is if Republicans take control of the Senate, they'll end this ridiculous requirement to need 60 Senators to block the many filibusters.  These guys/gals are so lazy that requiring them to actually be there to filibuster, as it used to be, will end the practice except for those feeling very intensely and then let them work for it. Given the way Congress operates, the argument that a real filibuster blocks progress is blown out of the water.

Congress has given itself a sweet deal with its three day work-weeks, and the argument in the link for why that should end makes sense to me. Frankly I'd bet those new tea partiers won't care about making Congress work harder. They just want to block it doing anything by voting down anything that costs money-- except, of course, their own salaries, benefits, and pensions.

The next election should be as much or more about getting people into Congress who have principles as anything else. I think we need to be donating to campaigns not just in our own districts or states because some states will find it hard to get anyone with progressive ideas even into the primaries let alone win. Without those who can think, who learn from history, who understand what logic is, who believe in science, it won't matter who is the president.

And if you are a conservative, I recommend the same thing-- look for logic, not slick slogans. If someone says they are a brother from another mother, look beyond the joke to from where that came and what it means especially if the other brother is out to eviscerate the average working person in this country. If the saying came from a movie, it tells you something also.

The presidency matters and I don't for a moment think it doesn't, but Obama had that 60 vote majority for the Senate for about a year of his term and it didn't help when enough of those Democrats were those in name only and voted against Progressive values. Same thing if someone is a conservative, find out for what that so-called conservative really stands.

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