Friday, November 11, 2011

Veterans Day

Senator Jim DeMint from South Carolina exceeded even my low expectations for him by his vote against tax incentives for companies that hire veterans. He said it was a principled stand because to give those incentives was not fair. We all know how fair everything must be. I guess it is fair to ask people to risk their lives, to face the possibility of life-long injuries for serving their country but to suggest we should show our appreciation of that in a material sense-- that's not fair?

DeMint has been one of the spokesmen for the Tea Party bunch. Since they claim to be the real patriots, I hope they are paying attention to his vote when he runs again. Or maybe he plans to retire and get a lobbyist position. The Koch brothers might appreciate what he did.

I don't generally write about holidays in my blogs but Veterans Day seems like a good time to not just talk about appreciating our veterans but to put our voice behind real benefits to show our appreciation. Americans have always done that after all our wars; and if that is favoritism, then great.

I like the idea of showing some favortism to those who sacrificed to serve-- some giving the ultimate sacrifice; but keep in mind when they sign up, they don't know what they will be asked to do. Some have joined because they want an education or can't get a job in the private sector in these times; but a lot did it because they wanted to serve their country. They are a special group and we ought to materially show our appreciation for what they have done. Fortunately most Republican Senators agreed.

When you hear of a member of Congress talking about cutting veteran benefits to lower our deficit, write down their name and remember it when you vote the next time.

Those who gave so much, who are coming back to a country with even less jobs than when they left it, they deserve our thanks and a lot more than yellow ribbons. How about material benefits!


Celia said...

Absolutely Rain, especially jobs and medical benefits in a timely way.

Ingineer66 said...

I also find it interesting that Obama has proposed cuts to Veteran's health care. Especially after all the noise he made about other people proposing similar things.

Rain said...

I find no information on what cuts you're talking about, ingineer; so I'd like a link to study it. I know that the right has demanded cuts in our deficit; so I suppose that will hit all groups if the super committee doesn't succeed in presenting a plan. The way Congress set that up was uniform cut by a percentage for all programs which would include veterans, of course. The question is what did you want cut if you want the budget cut? Coming up with specifics like in active military (like being in so many countries and maybe some of our weapons programs -- not that the corporations would like that) might be a way to avoid cuts to the ones who sacrificed in the past and need the help.

Romney wants to create a voucher program so instead of veterans getting their care cheaper as happens now but with excellent care (my brother gets veteran health care so I know it's good right now), he'd have them get a voucher that eventually wouldn't cover all the costs in the private sector. Of course, given how Romney changes his mind regularly who knows what he'd end up wanting.

Ingineer66 said...

Here is a link:

And here is another story:

Romney's plan is patterned after what was done with Medicaid. We used to have county hospitals for poor people to go to. Now we give them a card and they go to whatever hospital they want. It was billed as being cheaper and more efficient and provide better care. But like any government program, it ends up costing more than projected. And when people get something for free, there is no reason to not use it. At least if Veterans had a similar system, they would have paid into the plan and not just get it for free from the tax payers.

Rain said...

That link doesn't have Obama doing it and it says he will still be considering it in the future. It's an issue of how do we deal with the need so many think is imperative for us to cut the deficit. If they end up getting a voucher, they will find like with Medicare that it won't cover the costs and pretty soon it'll be meaningless. Right now the VA is the cheapest medical care out there for the dollar and from my brother's and other Vets comments that I have heard, it's darned good care. Why make it more costly? To get more money into insurance companies and HMOs? They bargain for their prescription drugs and get low prices. That's something Medicare didn't allow. Now who benefits from no bartering?

There is not a Republican out there who is not favoring the corporations over the individuals.

Ingineer66 said...

Just for the record I did not say I agreed with Romney's plan. The VA is a good system most of the time.

And also if Obama's Defense Secretary is proposing something that is the same thing as Obama proposing it.