Saturday, November 05, 2011

Rachel Maddow's theory on Herman Cain

If you don't regularly see Rachel Maddow or you missed her show November 4, take some time and watch this video. She has an amazing set of facts that she has put together to form a premise that I think everybody should see. What Cain (or whoever is behind him) has decided about the American voter amazes me and makes me wonder-- is he right? Is that the intelligence and emotional level of the average Republican voter? I guess we'll find out. Anyway check this out-- it's awesome. This is the best of the best on reporting, writing and putting together a thesis from a set of facts. Really impressive whatever party you support.


Celia said...

Wonderfulk piece, posted it on my Facebook.

Celia said...

ER, wonderful, lost control of my fingers, laughing too hard.