Tuesday, November 29, 2011

*holding my nose* Gingrich-- seriously-- Gingrich???

Some Gingrich quotes to think about when someone thinks-- anybody but Romney.

This is also a good set by someone who has been collecting.

Seriously we are living in one of the nuttiest times I can imagine where a man who divorced one wife while she was getting cancer treatment, betrayed another with the woman he'd now like to present to the United States as First Lady because after their lengthy affair, while he was busy impeaching Clinton (for doing basically the same thing), she held on and he married her.

Gingrich is the ultimate in sleaze and that takes a lot because it's not just about his sex life (wife number three better not get sick and it's not hard to understand why she wears the heavy makeup she does). Gingrich is a hypocrite to the ultimate order and somehow that all led him to rise to the top of the Republican primary polls. Seriously? This is all that Republicans want for their president-- an adulterer (but forgiven in Jesus), a proven liar (but forgiven in Jesus), and someone who says what it takes at any one time while he criticizes someone else for doing the same thing?  (not sure how you get forgiven from that one as it's ongoing)

So he went after others for lobbying for organizations like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac while he was getting almost $2,000,000 himself for the same thing. Oh wait, I forgot he got it for being an historian. Seriously!!!! Republicans buy that??? Who are those 30% of the Republican voters?

Oh, I know some of them-- the religious right who like it that Gingrich found religion in 2009 since he could afford it given he now had the hot babe he wanted on his arm and is so unattractive and plump that what hotter babe would want him? He has to buy this one half a million in jewelry to keep her happy. Seriously-- this guy??? They will nominate him and vote for him and why again?

Some of it has to be the nutty times in which we live. I have expressed how I feel about the Occupy movement before here but now I read encouragement for California students to basically take over the streets until they get what amounts to free tuition. I read where another pundit is claiming the entitlements will be fought for in the streets.

Let me get this straight-- we are now going to have mob rule because once again one side doesn't like what the other is doing when they win the vote? The answer is rioting which leads to violence being used against the protestors, which leads to more rioting and pretty soon we end up where exactly?

What I see here is what I remember from 2004 when the gays were encouraged to aggressively push for gay marriage ahead of the presidential election. They had an in your face attitude that didn't get them gay marriage, and reelected George W. Bush. Who do you think the current Occupy movement will elect in 2012? Who benefits from it the most as the average American finds a group telling him that he has to do this or that or they will be in his face? Not by the way mentioning how to pay for that free tuition.

That's the problem with most of these in-your-face movements which includes the Tea Party. They never calculate the cost. In the case of Occupy, it's who then will run things; and with the Tea Party it is what about the services you yourself have needed?

I think the rise of the Occupy movement has led to the rise of Gingrich and where that will lead us I have no idea but it looks like a sleazy, smug, man who likes to talk as though he's a big intellectual when what he says doesn't equal it, will be their nominee unless he's been cheating on the little woman which for now I doubt.

Some of this is funny. I mean he basically has Bill Clinton's endorsement which makes total sense. Clinton hates Obama and with Gingrich, we have two philanderers who together brought down Glass-Steagall and gave us imbalanced trade policies leading to a short-term apparent boom and where we are today with manufacturing gone overseas and unemployment skyrocketing. All of this to avoid voting for a Mormon because let's face it, that's the real religious right biggie if they prefer Gingrich, who also switches positions so fast it's hard to know what he believes.

Republicans-- this is the best you can do? How about drafting Mitch Daniels. Tell his wife at least all their laundry is out in public and known (we think) and it didn't involve him but her. It wasn't about hypocrisy but just how life is. She owes it to the country as what we need running opposite Obama is a real conservative. Do Republicans really have one?


wally said...

Newt explained the reason for his extra marital affairs and crimes: He's just so passionate about America that his hard work and patriotism drove him to it.

Rain said...

This link was good from 'Crooks and Liars' on Gingrich. There is so much out there on him that it's simply amazing he's leading the pack. Gingrich on drug test

Rain said...

Funny, Wally. You know what amazes me about Newt isn't so much him. We've all known sleazes. It's how does he find anybody to vote for him? Who are those people?

Kay Dennison said...

What you said. I don't want the squeaky-voiced Plastic Princess and sleazy, slimy Newt in the White House.

Celia said...

My thoughts are the same, major ick there. I just don't get it.

Rain said...

This is so good. Ron Paul goes for Gingrich's jugular.

I don't agree with Ron Paul's policy positions but I don't think anyone can say he's sleazy nor that he's a dishonest man. Cannot possibly say the same thing about Gingrich.

Robert the Skeptic said...

Seriously I hope Gingrich gets the nomination over Romney... though I wonder what it will be like running against a man who wants to be the leader of the free world wearing "magic underwear".

But a Gingrich running against Obama will save the DNC millions in campaign costs and walk Obama right back into Oval Office.

Ingineer66 said...

So you all voted for Clinton who makes Gingrich look like Mother Theresa, but you cannot understand why anybody would ever vote for Newt? Can somebody explain that to me.

Rain said...

I did not support Hillary in 2008 because of Bill but why did Bill win the presidency twice? Because of who you put up against him. Try it with Gingrich and see what you get. Democrats are slathering over the possibility. If you choose men or women like him, don't expect to ever take the presidency or if you do, understand who you will have when you do. The man is not only dishonest but has no guilt gene. That doesn't usually work well for a president. Put up a good conservative and maybe you'll get the presidency. I don't personally think you will. You'll support another Sarah Palin type or Bob Dole and lose again. Good luck with that. Gingrich is a disaster and you know it but too many republicans would rather have him than a Mormon. The religious factor is part of the problem with your party. Say they relish Jesus and people overlook anything else.