Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Campaign fodder

I have been having some good laughs lately with the Republican candidates for the presidency. It is kind of funny wondering how many different ways Romney can try to hedge his bet on one issue after another; but then he is a politician, right?

Perry is not a joke but this video is as his speech in New Hampshire went viral with good reason. A stand up comic who was ridiculing presidential candidates could do no better. He claims he wasn't drunk. I believe him; but if he's actually a standup comedian, he's good at it. He's cute. He's silly and he's obviously cutting loose.

Truthfully, I am not really averse to that in a candidate, but his statement that it was right that his state allowed students who had come illegally as a child to get in-state tuition, that finished him with the extreme righties anyway.  Still it's worth watching for the fun of this. Jon Stewart had a lot of fun with it.

 I do not consider Cain to be a joke. Until the sexual harassment accusations came forward, I think he could very well have taken the presidential nomination based purely on 9-9-9 and being charming. Sounds like he was a mite too sure of his being charming in the late 90s.  Here's the thing though-- even before the accusations-- what does this kind of ad mean?

Cain is obviously a bright guy but I am having a hard time understanding where he was going with that? Americans like cowboys. Put cowboys in anything and they'll like it?

The sexual harassment charge against Cain is more significant and not funny.  As usual his explanation is making it worse. I do not think he's helped either by the usual right wing bad guys (Limbaugh and Coulter) coming out in his defense and implying the charges were only brought because he's black and it was liberals who did it. Liberals would've waited for the main election; so this was by other Republicans. Why does Karl Rove's name come to mind?

First Cain said he didn't remember the incidents at all. That was ridiculous as no man who is successful and accused of such would forget it. It is embarrassing to a man at the least and very frightening at the most to have such an accusation raised and yet he forgot it? Only if there were a LOT of them is that possible.

Then he said he had nothing to do with any settlement-- then that there was money but it was just severance pay-- a full year's severance pay? Give me a break. So far he won't release the Restaurant Association from keeping the details secret. Rush has been in defense in high mode but Rush is just like that and a little nuts himself.

The more Cain talks, the worse this is for him but by now I bet he's talking for his wife more than the campaign. I read the comments from the righties as to how they see it and they blame people like me for the accusation even surfacing. It's not likely as frankly who benefits from it coming up-- Michelle Bachmann and Rick Perry probably most or maybe Mitt Romney. The point is Cain was told 10 days ahead of the article surfacing. He wasn't blindsided.

It's not the first time a candidate lied about what he said or did. It won't be the last. But with Cain, it's kind of an ongoing thing. But oh wait, I can't say that because he's black right? Okay to harass Obama for all kinds of sleazy and unproven things, but different when it's a Republican even when there was a real payment to keep the matter quiet. I will believe Cain about this when he lets the Restaurant Association reveal the details. Otherwise, he's just another candidate who wants it both ways!

And yes, he is black but that doesn't give him a free ticket to sexually harass women. Are there false accusations about such behavior? You bet, but this is beginning to sound like an ongoing behavior for the man who likes to keep the little woman at home.

They will drag his wife out to deny it. Like she'd know what he says to other women. I can 'guarandamntee' you that wives often have no clue what men say to other women!


Kay Dennison said...

I hear you!!! Mrs. Cain will do the obligatory "stand by your man" thing. I hope they air it -- but nobody can top Hilary in that dept.

I swear Perry was drunk, stoned, whatever . . . and I hope it costs him right out of the running.

As far as that goes, I'll be busy throughout the next year making sure Obama gets re-elected because *any* of the GOP field is so thoroughly hazard to my life and liberty.

Ingineer66 said...

Cain says to vote for him because he is not a politician and then when this breaks he starts changing his story and has a bad memory just like a politician. Who was it yesterday that said his answer was Clintonesque? That was perfect. But then again we were told that Clinton's personal life was private and didn't matter with what kind of a president he was. The double standard with how the media treats conservatives compared to liberals is just amazing.

Rain said...

Er Clinton was not held to a standard? he was impeached. That wasn't enough? He lost his law license for lying-- not enough? What did you have in mind-- lynching him? I think most of the time Democrats pay a higher price than Republicans for such behavior. Look at Eliot Spitzer and then look at that guy from the South who visited prostitutes also but is still in office being reelected. To me when a Democrat does it, at least he hasn't been crying to the hills how saintly he is and that Jesus asked him to run. There is a level of hypocrisy in this when people loudly shout over their piety.

Rachel Maddow though had the cleverest show last night on Cain and if I can find the link to it, I'll be posting it in a new blog. She thinks he's purely a performance artist. I am not sure about that but either he or somebody behind him is punking the Republicans and it's too many things to not see it as deliberate. The question is who is putting it on. The other thing is that it shows up a lot of Republicans for who they are and what they need in a leader-- hint-- it's not intelligence or a level of historical knowledge or even knowledge of the world today. Cain didn't know China had nuclear weapons since 1964 and yet he still has Republicans eager to vote for him. This says more about those voters than him. I am shaking my head.

And as for Clinton-- I didn't favor Hillary because it'd put Bill close to the presidency again. You tell me he has the respect of all Democrats? Seriously, now I know you don't know very many that well ;)

Ingineer66 said...

I know Clinton was impeached and dis-barred for the cover-up and the lies under oath. I meant the treatment by the media.