Sunday, October 23, 2011

Republican candidates and their think-ahead logic

Republican candidates always amaze me. This kind of 'logic' works with your voters? Or you think it will work? This one, minor though it is, takes the cake for not thinking ahead.

Okay here's the question-- does that mean he pays for sex? His wife might like to ask this one-- how much experience has he had with whores to know what sex is like with them?

I guess he has no chance to win but still, this has to be funny to right or left-- doesn't it?

I could list off a lot of it from this week's Republican presidential candidates but that's not so funny.


Ingineer66 said...

Maybe the guy is a Usher fan. One of his songs says almost the same thing. But clearly not something a candidate for office should say. The NFL on Fox guys call it Twitteria, when NFL players tweet anything and everything without thinking.

Rain said...

The stuff Republican presidential candidates said was a lot more lack of logic- like Cain on abortion. Talk about contradictory talk which he's still trying to talk himself out of. Then Romney who wants us to stay in Iraq even though our troops would have no immunity from Iraqi prosecution. Say what! Or Romney on after 10 years in Afghanistan, he'd bring together a committee to decide what to do next. Yes, Democrats say dumb things too but this week it was all about 9-9-9 becoming 9-0-9 or 3-3-3 or who knows what next? And Cain posing signing a poster for 999 when it showed 666 to looking at it. Somebody is not directing that guy well at all given he has to have the vote of a bunch of people who believe 666 is significant. His abortion statements should have that bunch all shaking their heads and the economic Republicans should be doing the same thing.

Rain said...

What the guy should have said, if he wanted to help women hold onto their husbands, who clearly must be eager to stray for better sex is-- woman be a wild woman in the bedroom. What I'd like to see is a photo of what he looks like as I can't imagine a really hot guy, who understands women, remotely saying such a thing. He'd be way too smart for that mistake ;)

Celia said...

All I can say to NJ guy is "stupid is as stupid does."

Kay Dennison said...

I hope he loses big time!!!He has no brains!!!!