Thursday, October 20, 2011

Herman Cain's tax plan

I think everybody's heard the old joke-- how can you tell when a politician is lying? He opened his mouth.

A lot of people think that's not true when it's someone who loudly proclaims their religiosity. I mean if someone believes in God and the Bible and they tell you that they follow scripture, you can trust them, right? You will know it's not automatically true if you have known and listened to many of them; but what I think religious political types do is try not to know too much. That way they can tell themselves they are not lying. They were just wrong which they also won't admit too quickly.

So I think this applies to Herman Cain and his lovely, simple little tax plan of wealth transfer-- this one transferring more of the wealth from the poor to the rich (the rich never have enough). You know the rich do believe in a kind of communism except not everybody sharing equally. They just want instead everybody beneath them sharing their wealth with them and then themselves sharing less of their own-- as little as possible. Our culture has actually redefined greed, which used to be a bad word in Scripture, as now just simple ambition and 'those who can... do'. We should thank them for the bits they deign to drop down for the rest of us. 

Cain has made it quite clear that our country's economic problem is not Wall Street. It's not the ones who trade dollars and stocks around to make money while they create no product. It's not those who cheated people by high interest or lying about who had the ability to pay back a loan. See it wasn't lying. It was they just 'didn't know.' It's not their fault that the property was not appraise accurately or that the people made payments and then lost it back to the loaner.

No, Cain lays the fault all that the feet of the White House and Congress because they... let's see what was it they did that was so bad? How about they regulated at all? No regulations would lead to more manna from uh yeah, heaven. Totally free ability to charge usury rates of interest, to lie to patrons, to not monitor their own practices, and then they'd be set loose to... help everybody. Yeah, that's it and why we can blame Congress and Clinton not for ending Glass Stegall-- not because it was wrong to end it but because they didn't end all regulation on those who push money around.

What scares me most about Cain is that a man with so little ability, who is a good motivational speaker, who ran a pizza company that sold lousy pizza that he convinced everybody was good to buy, it is not that he will be the presidential nominee. I doubt that but I watched this party put up someone totally incapable of being president once before with Sarah Palin for Veep. That's what I suspect they would try to do with Cain. He's out of his depths. He doesn't care as he knows how to talk. He doesn't care about his tax plan, doesn't want to know too much about it except to say it's simple... Yeah right. He doesn't care but Republican voters should. 

And for heaven's sake, don't allow them to put him up as veep. How about Chris Christie for Veep with Romney on top. Or if you need a minority, Marco Rubio. They both know how to speak words to satisfy the rightie's need for red meat. Just don't put up someone totally inept to be president as we have seen too many times they end up there. The likelihood is Cain never dreamed he'd go this far and really was about selling his book and upping his figures for speaking engagements. If you didn't like Obama, felt he wasn't ready (which might be so), you really want to repeat the experience?

Cain asked for a catchy tax plan idea that revolved around the flat tax that he had liked before. He got this one which would add 18% to everything you buy. Think it wouldn't because companies already pay corporate income taxes? A lot of them don't through deductions of all sorts. Those that don't, will be adding that onto their purchase price.

And all this trouble for what? To take care of the deficit? It won't touch it as he claims it's revenue neutral-- although how a sales tax can have no administration costs attached is beyond me. No, it's all about increasing the transfer of wealth. He doesn't have to lie about what it does. He just has to stay dumb and happy as he gets out in front of people and claims he's such a wise man. And if it didn't work in terms of getting it through Congress where a lot of people (like home buyers) won't much like it, well maybe he'd have another supply side salesman in the backroom to give him something that would.

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